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“The Self Can Heal!”

Benita was raised with the belief that everyone, always has the ability to self-heal, grow in themselves, and improve on a path of Spiritual Development.

Benita French, from a very early age and over her entire lifetime, has been developing her empathic intuition and spiritual gifts. Benita has continually developed her skills, as a healer and intuitive counsellor. Benita now coaches others how to break out of old patterns and develop emotionally and spiritually towards better health and prosperity. Benita is sought after throughout Australia and Asia to heal, to speak, to inspire and to coach.


With over 30 years devoted to her own empirical research, collecting her own data, via hands-on experience and studying modern techniques. She has blended these with ancient knowledge while filtering everything through her unique psychic talents…

Call Benita on 0419 147 036

Benita French is based in Melbourne and now offers unique intuitive counseling and healing experiences, over the phone or via Skype.

“During the 1980’s, I began practicing natural healing, intuitive readings and Pranic massage based on the instruction I received from spiritually developed souls, and from the eclectic range of natural health professionals, healers and spiritual teachers that always surrounded my early life.”

13 years ago, as a student of Kinesiology and Complimentary Medicine, Benita already held a Bachelor of Psychology and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science. Benita is now a sought after Teacher and Spiritual Speaker, coaching individuals and businesses towards a healthier future. She is also the director of Kinesiology Melbourne.

Testimonial from Crystal – Actor, St. Kilda.
“I’ve really enjoyed my sessions with Benita. My health issues have improved massively since. A vague symptom pops up once in a while but I feel like I’m almost fully healed. I didn’t really think about it, how much I’ve improved and realised it’s really stepped up a notch since my sessions with Benita.”

EVERYONE can benefit from a counseling session, with an experienced healer. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Resolve deep emotional pain
  • Gain some control over physical issues
  • Make some positive changes in your life or business…

Benita will work with you on any issue, using a wide range of intuitive tools and techniques.

“I communicate in a warm, straightforward manner and speak in simple truths. I don’t jazz things up, use jargon or get so spiritual about stuff that you can’t identify with what I’m talking about.”

Benita’s practical one-on-one sessions are a uniquely tailored healing experience and only available via phone or skype.

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