About Benita French

I was born in Melbourne Australia, in 1975. From about 6 years of age, I was learning, studying and researching the metaphysical. I regularly practised what I learnt and gave complimentary healing and reading sessions throughout my childhood and teen years (1981- 1991). After school, I completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Bachelor of Psychology with a year off to travel overseas and move state (1993- 2000).

I moved from Melbourne to Perth and began my healing and reading practise part time (1998). As part of my business, I was a constant stallholder at New Age expos across Australia (1998- 2013). I was a consistent guest on local and prime time radio stations, also producing my own programs (2000- 2015). In between time I completed my Kinesiology training (2001- 2005), left a 7 year relationship, as well as my business and moved from Perth back to Melbourne. That was a massive year (2003).

I started my business in Melbourne from scratch, beginning part time (2004) then full time since 2007. Some years afterward that, I left a different 7 year relationship. 2013 was highly significant: I became vegan, began a happy and healthy relationship with my life partner, gave public talks, taught many classes and began activity on social media, including YouTube (2019). I changed my business to only phone and online sessions (2020), having shared my home with my in-person clients since my business began. I am the author of “True Tarot” and “Manifest Your Future” (2021).

My whole life, I have been a non-smoker, non-drinker and non-drug user (pharmaceutical and recreational. I do not, however, judge those who are unlike me). I have healed all my problems myself through Kinesiology and other energetic healing techniques, through diet, realization, meditation, affirmations, yoga or sort the help of natural health and healing professionals.

My interests are what my business is about, fortunately, otherwise I’d run out of time. My interests include enjoying my relationship, watching great acting, usually associated with murder mystery films, painting, drawing, exploring new vegan food and outlets, taking quiet trips into nature and flower photography.