Dream Interpreter for Radio

Dream Radio Show MelbourneBenita French first started on radio in Perth Australia on New Year’s day, 2000 with ABC 774 FM. In that year, she had her own program discussing all things metaphysical, including dream interpretation. This program ran weekly for 3 months, after which she continued appearing on local and prime time Perth stations on a monthly basis until 2003 as a guest Dream interpreter.

2004- 2008: Benita’s radio appearances were a few times a year as a guest on local and prime time Melbourne stations.

2009- 2015: Benita presented a Breakfast show on 96.5fm Melbourne community radio. Her program was about healing relationship problems, naturally improving your physical health, personal development, Law of Attraction techniques, divination and self healing techniques. The program occurred fortnightly. A popular topic on her show was live Dream Interpretations with a talk-back audience. Benita used the dreams interpreted to increase clarity and insight into a person’s relationship problems. 2016 was Benita’s last appearance on radio, but the doors are still open.

As little notice was usually given by those contacting Benita about radio appearances, it made it increasingly difficult for her to accept offers from 2017 onwards. The appropriateness of the type of program and the station’s likely audience became something that influenced Benita’s decision as well. She is, however, still very willing and interested to be a guest if contacted.

Benita French (BBSc, B.Psych) is a dream analyst and dream therapist as part of her business that offers healing for women, operative since 1998.

Call BENITA on 0419 147 036 to discuss your radio needs.