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Energy Healing Melbourne

Energy Healing Melbourne

Energy Healing, Counselling and Kinesiology for Women!

BENITA FRENCH has over 35 years of active and continuous experience in energy healing. Benita is a Melbourne Energy Healing prodigy and was trained from a very young age. Although she studied Psychology and Kinesiology, Benita developed her own healing and counselling methods over the 20 odd years she has been in professional practice. You relay what’s sore (physically and emotionally) and then Benita intuitively scans your body for blocks and imbalances and starts working on them. She studies and spontaneously analyses your life history within the session and the emotional traumas that have occurred, to find the reasons for why your life is as it is at the moment and the best techniques for healing, within the session and afterwards. Each healing session is specifically tailored to each person’s unique energy vibration.

Appointments available via Phone 0419 147 036, Skype or In-Person (Eltham – Energy Healing Melbourne)

As one of Benita’s clients, you will feel understood, believed in and supported like never before. She will call you soon after your session and is available to talk and text between sessions, at no extra charge, to help you to always feel supported.

Transform Your Life Today!

BENITA’S ENERGY HEALINGS also involve an Intuitive Reading and Counselling segment, to explore your situation and identify areas of stress or pain. This is followed by a Kinesiology Healing and a mix of Energy Healing techniques.

So what happens to me in a session, exactly?

It depends on the physical or emotional problems you’ve come to address and it depends on whether we remain seated or if you move to the healing table. Healing occurs in either place and also occurs in phone or Skype sessions – yes, even physical healing occurs when you’re not physically present with Benita.

Benita welcomes and encourages you to talk about how you feel, or what’s upsetting you, what you want in life and how you would like your life to be. She digs into certain issues, sometimes asks difficult questions and also asks you for what you feel the answers are for yourself. Benita will take you through meditation and visualization exercises, show you colors, pictures, have you listen to certain sounds, give you spring water to drink and regularly reminds you to breathe deeply.

She asks you to talk about your dreams overnight and addresses the meanings with you and gets you in touch with the abilities that you were born with as shown by your birth numbers. Benita asks you to hold gems and minerals or places them on or around you and she works on and just above your body. She moves energy in a wave-like motion, or moves energy by clapping or clicking amidst other ways. Benita channels healing light and healing energy into you, as well as gently holds or massaging certain points or muscles.

The healing treatment is comprehensive, detailed and dynamic. You will feel different after your energy healing treatment, forever. It is a life-changing treatment that will make you feel and think differently about the world and yourself. Each energy healing treatment will unlock long-held negative beliefs and open your mind, heart and body again. You will experience changes in your life soon after each session, including decreased physical pain and increased strength and confidence to speak up with others and create healthier boundaries.

“Guaranteed: you will feel lighter, clearer, happier, look younger and prettier by the end of your session.”

Benita is the Director of Kinesiology Melbourne and she operates from her Melbourne Healing practise in Eltham. Most of Benita’s clients book on a regular basis and have had energy healing or some kind of natural therapy before. No one heals you like Benita! With your help, she can address and heal EVERY SINGLE AREA of your life.

Call Benita on 0419 147 036

Testimonial from Jennifer – Nurse, Melbourne.
“I originally found Benita while searching for a simple hands-on Reiki Healing in Melbourne. On my first visit, what I discovered was something groundbreaking and truly life-changing. It feels like Benita has magical spiritual energy and she somehow gets to the core of everything that has shaped my reality. The positive changes she has triggered in my life are astounding.”

Energy Healing MelbourneEnergy Healing Melbourne – Every session includes intuitive counselling, answering questions like:

  • Is my current life-path/career-path the best one for me right now?
  • Are my decisions guided by my true values?
  • What is actually happening in my relationship?
  • Why do I keep sabotaging myself?

People come to Benita:

  • When they feel stuck emotionally, professionally, creatively and financially.
  • When they need to be reminded of what really matters.
  • When they need clarity to implement decisions.
  • When they need to learn to be with themselves and help themselves.

“You may be harbouring resentment, hurts and secrets within your heart and this energy gets stored there and needs acknowledgement, compassion and validation to get out, so you can heal!” Benita French.

Call Energy Healing Melbourne on 0419 147 036

Energy Healing with Benita.

Benita French offers a unique Melbourne service specifically designed for each individual client and can deal with issues of the heart, family, weight loss, illness, career path and much more.

Operating from her Melbourne Healing practise in Eltham, Benita is able to intuitively and psychically scan your physical and energy body to diagnose blockages and deeper causes of emotional and physical pain.

Benita is finely tuned and experience energy healer with 30 years of experience. Benita was trained from a very young age and has lead a life continuously guided by her ability to heal others and is the director of Kinesiology Melbourne.

Energy Healing Melbourne – 0419 147 036

Energy Healing covers a wide range of modalities including Reiki, Charka, Shamanic, Psychic, Kinesiology, Pranic, Kundalini, BioEnergy, Crystals, Vibrational, Quantum Touch, Spiritual Healing or some other form of hands-on energy healing in Melbourne.

In order to heal a persons spiritual and energetic body, both the healer and the client need to understand that inner energy creates outer events. Bad diet or an accident may look like the cause of ill health or missed opportunities, but these are just ways that thoughts and feelings finally manifest to the surface, after years and decades of inner habits. No matter what the outer causes, the thoughts and feelings were going to be expressed anyway, it just seems like an accident happened and that is why you are now suffering.

Healing your personal energy field can take on many masks and names from Reiki to Kinesiology, but on the healing table, the names do not mean anything. Energy is healed by the energetic field that gets created between you (the client) and me (the healer) and invisible helpers. A positive blending of willing energies. It is useful to have the belief that just as you created a problem over time, you can un-create it over time and bring about the desired outcome.

“If you WANT to heal and you keep wanting to heal, you will. If you’re ready to give less energy to the memories and people who have hurt you, then you will heal more rapidly over time. Most people need a little help to REMEMBER how much they want to heal. ”

Energy Healing Melbourne – A Brief History

The rest of this page is devoted to the pioneering Energy Healing Melbourne story from 1870 to 1987

During the 1870s, in Melbourne, Energy healing went under the name Magnetic Healing and often involved magnetised water and “the ministering of angels” with the first of these Melbourne Energy healers being William Jno Martell and his medium HALSYEA. Other early Melbourne Magnetic Healers were Mr. Milner Stephen and Mr Singleton of Collingwood.

While Melbourne had its fair share of storekeeper and chemist sold Healing Ointments and Remedies in the early 1800s (most notably “Krams’ Healing Ointments”), it was only in the 1870s that the gift of hands-on energy healing was publicly practised outside of the church. Bookshop and Health Store owner, William Terry was one of the most prominent energy healers in Melbourne. He edited the first Spiritualist magazine in Australia, “The Harbinger of Light” (1870 to 1954) and founded the Victorian Spiritualists Union which is still serving spiritualism to this day. William Terry also sponsored the tour of Mr J. M. Peebles, an America spiritualist and medium who visited Melbourne in 1872 to share his energy healing gifts and to give several presentations in the form of “soiree and conversazione”. Mr Peebles, a former Christian minister was the author of “Seers of the Ages.” While not the first, William Terry was the most influential pioneer of the Energy Healing Melbourne movement.

It was the flourishing Melbourne Spiritualist movement that would continue to nurture and support the early Melbourne Energy Healers.

During the 1880s an uncanny number of comets were visible in the earth’s sky before burning up as they flew too close to the Sun. The first of these, The Great Southern Comet of 1880 was visible from Feb 2nd to Feb 5th with its tail seen each night extending above the horizon. This auspicious event sparked a lot of spiritual theorising that the comet’s aura would directly influence the human energy fields. Some seeing its energy as a dark omen and for others a sign of purification and improvement due to its spiritual significance and magnetic influence.

The ancient Indian tradition of Pranic Energy Healing did not make it to Melbourne until 1919 with the arrival of Prof. W, Chandan an Indian Herbalist operating out of 164 Sydney Rd, Melbourne and Chungarin an Indian Herbal Healer who gave free advice from his Gladstone House practice (84 Victoria Street, North Melbourne.

The Chinese vital energy called Ch’i. and concepts of Ying and Yang energy would have arrived with the early 1850’s Chinese immigrants, but rarely left their close-knit communities until much later.

Other influential moments in the early Melbourne Energy Healing story were the creation of “Core Energetics (CE)” in 1971 by John Pierrakos M.D. (a refinement of Bioenergetics) and Barbara Brennan’s 1987 book “Hands of Light” a complete guide to Energy Healing and the many historical instances of Spiritual healing within Melbourne Churches.

Call Benita on 0419 147 036

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