Improve your financial health

Benita French is the author of “Manifest Your Future” and an expert at applying the Law of Attraction to improve financial help.

Having experienced successful results at every turn in her own business, Benita guides her clients to employ the same Law of Attraction principles to improve their financial health. She is constantly amazed at how well they work and that they apply to all financial situations.

Benita gives you perspectives that you may have never associated with anything financial, yet have everything to do with resolving and improving the financial circumstances you’re experiencing.

Increasing your income in your business/ job
Acquiring better: clients/ customers/ position/ job
Benita will help you understand that this has less to do with money and more to do with your beliefs and limitations that are linked to your self worth and your boundaries in general.

She will help you see how your self worth and boundaries have been learnt from past financial experiences and through the experiences/ connection with your parents/ parental figures. With Benita’s assistance, you can abandon negative past experiences and build inner strength independent of your family, which will enable you to achieve (more of) the financial goals you wish for yourself.

Speed up issues related to
ownership, selling/ buying an asset/ home, monies owing, outstanding debt
Benita will shed light on how your health and whether or not you have experienced illness, anger, grief or separation in your personal life, directly impacts your financial problems. This means that as you heal your emotions, your financial situation will improve automatically.

Benita can highlight the ways that a higher income or financial ease in your life are related to pictures you hold in your mind, some of which you may not be aware. She can help you implement the Law of Attraction to enable you to develop new and brighter pictures so that you break through those things/ people/ situations you feel restricted by. Benita will help you believe and remember that what you want is possible 😊

Specific situations
that Benita’s law of attraction based financial advice
can help with
Moving house
Buying/ selling/ developing a home/ land/ assets/ business/ investments
Acquiring a job
Acquiring a better job
Starting or growing a business
Increase of price
Hiring staff
Staff management

Lets use the example of:
Moving house/ Selling a home

When you don’t want to be near the people that are associated with a new home
The old home:
-Is likely to take longer to sell
-Will be associated with moving difficulties
-You are less likely to obtain the price you prefer
-Your are likely to take longer to find a new home or rental
-The new home or rental will move your closer to the red financially

By healing the feelings and thoughts associated with moving house or selling a home,
you will be able to:
-Sell your house quicker
-Move out with fewer problems
-Obtain the price closer to what you prefer
-Find a new home or rental quicker
-Buy or rent at a more affordable price

These emotional circumstances:
-Death of a loved one

-Relationship break ups
-Lending money to people who upset you
-Financial ties with ex relationships

Will cause a reduction in speed:
-In acquiring a job
-In acquiring a better job
-When selling/ purchasing/ developing of a house/ land/ assets/ business
-If you want to change jobs/ acquire a better job/ make changes in your business for the better
-If you want to invest in something new or buy a business
-Of your investments/ assets/ house to go up in price

You are less likely to:
-Acquire a job
-Acquire a job that you prefer
-Hire staff that are suitable or will stay on for the period you prefer
-Maintain your (job) business to the level you prefer
-Achieve the growth your prefer in your job or business
-Maintain the operation of your business
-Change jobs or grow your business or in ways that are deeply meaningful for you

By healing the feelings and thoughts associated with the emotional circumstances above, you will be able to:
-Acquire a job quicker
-Acquire a better job quicker
-Sell/ purchase/ develop a house/ land/ assets/ business quicker
-Make positive changes in your job or business quicker
-Investments or a new business is likely to do better, quicker
-Hire staff that are more suitable and are more likely to stay on for the period you prefer
-Grow your business closer to the level you prefer
-Maintain your business despite challenges that face you or others

Experience increase and other positive changes that will occur for your financial health when you emotionally heal with Benita.