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Kinesiology Melbourne

Kinesiology Melbourne

Intuitive Counseling and Kinesiology Sessions specifically for Women!

BENITA FRENCH has been working as an intuitive counselor since 1998 and a professional Kinesiologist since 2001. Her clients are exclusively women who want to heal! Benita uses a variety of techniques (including muscle testing, touch for health, kinergetics and applied physiology) to release blockages and dramatically reduce your emotional trauma, financial worries, and physical pains. All resulting in greater; emotional strength, clarity, financial increase, stability, physical recovery, and energy.

Kinesiology appointments are available via Phone 0419 147 036, Skype or In-Person (Eltham, Nillumbik)

Benita French offers Melbourne Women unprecedented support between their sessions with phone calls, text, and emails. Benita is expertly aware of her clients needs more than any other person in their life. Nobody supports you like Benita!.

“I want to see you forever! With the insight you give me and the way you describe things and people exactly, why would I want to see anyone else”

Testimonial from Lynne of Diamond Creek (1/11/2017)

BENITA’S KINESIOLOGY SESSIONS involve muscle testing, intuitive readings and emotional counseling, to fully explore your situation and accurately identify the deeper causes of your stress or pain. This is followed by Touch for Health and an energetic healing on the massage table to remove negative energy from your beliefs, your heart and your body.

Touch for Health Melbourne

BENITA is a master at identifying patterns that you have never been aware of and will instantly recognise as the core root of all your problems and pain. Everything can be traced to an emotional point in your life that was suppressed instead of healed.

Every session ends with a Crystal Gift which will represent the empowering affirmation that has been identified during that session.

Kinesiology Melbourne

Kinesiology Melbourne

Touch for Health Melbourne

Practioner: Benita French
Location: Melbourne
Phone: 0419 147 036

Come in for a UNIQUE HEALING SESSION using Kinesiology, Intuitive Counselling, Touch for Health, and a range of Energetic Tools from Crystals Healing, Tarot Reading, Numerology Reading and Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks.

Benita French is a Kinesiologist with over 16 years of professional Kinesiology experience. Benita is also the director of Kinesiology Melbourne .com and has been healing women’s emotional problems for 20 years.

KINESIOLOGY is a name given to a set of methods that energetically heal your life. Some of Benita’s clients have experienced other kinds of energy healing techniques in the past, but have found Kinesiology the most effective, creating the most change.

Benita focuses on inner child healing work for those clients who feel ready to address it, to further expose the hidden patterns that are holding her clients back from creative success and emotional happiness.

Call Benita on 0419 147 036

Testimonial from Carolyn of Seaford.
From my very first session with Benita “I experienced amazing changes. I would not have believed that at my age I could feel born again and balanced.”

Kinesiology can kick-start a major change in your life and get you moving forward.

Kinesiologist Melbourne

If you want deep positive change in all levels of your life, call Benita to discuss your unique situation.

Text or Call Any Time

Day or Night

Benita will return your call to arrange a suitable time for your appointment.

Her knowledge from her Behavioural Science and Psychology degrees have been incorporated into her Melbourne Healing Practice. Benita received her Kinesiology training in Perth and Melbourne and has gone on to transform the lives of thousands of women, making them happier and healthier.

Kinesiology Melbourne ClientThe benefits of Kinesiology include:

  • Increased vitality
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved posture
  • Unblocked heart energy
  • Less stress
  • ‘True self’ awareness

SOME of her clients have tried conventional medicine in the hope that it can heal certain emotional and physical issues for them but without the desired success.

Working from her Melbourne healing practice and backed up with degrees in Psychology, Benita French now combines Kinesiology with intuitive reading, relationship counseling, and other natural healing modalities.

“Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies
and accessing the life-enhancing potential within the individual.”
…approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association 1999.

Kinesiology helps bring stress to the surface which would otherwise get locked in your body causing anxiety, depression, illness and financial struggles.

Benita accelerates your healing process. With 30+ years of practise, your session will be an unparalleled experience.

Call Benita on 0419 147 036

Kinesiologist: Benita French
Location: Melbourne
Phone: 0419 147 036

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