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meditation-elthamMeditation Melbourne classes are starting again soon in 2015


Facilitator: Benita French: An accomplished Healer, Kinesiologist, Intuitive Counsellor and Meditation Instructor since 1998. Benita is a Counsellor and Healer at Kinesiology Melbourne.

Meditation and Healing is a weekly meditation class that incorporates meditation as the starting point towards a journey in Spiritual Development, Self Healing, and Manifesting.

Connect with your essential being. Heal the emotional and physical. Become aware…

  • Awareness creates realizations.
  • Realizations create change.
  • Increased awareness maintains changed conditions.
  • Change equals growth.

This is NOT your average Melbourne Meditation Class and has two distinct stages.

Meditation MelbourneStage One – HEALING: Rather than have you struggle to concentrate and meditate when you first arrive, the class starts with physical self healing exercises. Benita will guide you through a series of self-healing exercises designed to help you heal almost anything: physical, emotional and mental pain. LET GO and move on from your troubles, not by telling yourself you’re over it, but by acknowledging the pain that was brushed aside by your parents, upbringing and culture. Some of your inner conflicts and physical pains may have been niggling away at you every day, perhaps for years. The only way to heal from any pain is to acknowledge it, feel it and work through it. The healing exercises in the class will help you do this.

meditation melbourne healing

Stage Two – MEDITATION: Benita teaches meditation in a non-ceremonial way based on “I AM” and on your heart chakra: the center for ALL healing. This meditation will awaken your higher self, quieten your mind, increase self confidence, allow for increased healing in your body, align you with your life purpose and help you manifest more successfully. This meditation you can do anywhere: waiting for the kettle to boil, in the shower, even as a walking meditation around the Melbourne CBD. You can do this style of meditation for one minute, ten minutes or longer. Unlike other mediation teachers, Benita does NOT encourage you to meditate at a regimented time, place or that you sit in a certain position. You can meditate at the kitchen sink or in the toilet at work.

meditation class melbourneThere is also a manifesting visualization segment at the end of the class where you focus on feeling and achieving the things you desire.

One of the class regulars, travels two hours JUST TO ATTEND this class. She knows what she wants in life and attends the classes for positive support in order to stay focused on her goals

Mondays 6.30 – 7.30pm for 8 weeks
Starts 27th April until 22nd June
(no class Queen’s Birthday)

$170 for the Term
Eltham (Melbourne)
0419 147 036

There is literally an ocean of Meditation Classes in Melbourne, ranging in style, technique, goal and agenda. Meditation Melbourne and Healing class is not connected with any religion or organisation. The aim is not to recruit. The goal of the classes is driven by YOUR PERSONAL GOALS and wanting to make them a reality.

While Benita facilitates some very active, self healing exercises, this is not a Yoga Class. You don’t need to wear anything special or be able to sit down for long periods of time. Unlike the defined (7 day or 10 week) Meditation Courses in Melbourne and unlike Mindfulness Meditation, these classes are so much more and unique to your instructor and healer, Benita French.

Benita communicates in a warm, straightforward manner and speaks in simple truths without jargon or spiritual lingo, so that students can immediately get in touch with the core work necessary to move forward.

MAKE YOUR LIFE ACE! Join me every Monday at 6.30pm and take charge of your self and your future.”

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