Affirmations – A General Message About Belief Systems

From Benita’s “Being Happier” Podcast

Series: Affirmations – Part 1

“Affirmations: A General Message About Belief Systems!”

I did touch on affirmations briefly in the Manifesting section of recordings and articles, but I want to make a special and dedicated category for all things about affirmations.

Affirmations are really about changing your belief systems. However, most people don’t associate affirmations with changing your belief system, but that’s exactly what they’re for, to change how you think and feel about yourself, the world and others.

Affirmations are positive, powerful statements about feeling capable and better about yourself. They’re aimed at what you want to improve about yourself. They’re based on the negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and the world, but they’re flipped around and phrased in the opposite way.

A great exercise you can do, is to make a list of all the ways you feel negative about yourself, about others and about the world out there, then apply the opposite meaning to formulate a new, powerful and encouraging statement.

You could have 10 things on your list, you could have 50, and as you go through making your negative list, you might observe how many things you have to work on, in terms of feeling better about yourself.

For example, if on your negative belief list you’ve written “nobody likes me”, the opposite to that, phrased into a positive statement can be “I am a likable person”.

If another negative belief is “I can’t get hired”, the opposite to that as an affirmation is “I have skills and talents that my employer found attractive”.

Perhaps you have a negative view about relationships, like “relationships don’t work for me”, then your new belief as determined by your affirmation can be “I’m in a great relationship now and my partner really gets me!”. Do you noticed how these affirmations are phrased?

Affirmations have the best effect: when they’re phrased in the present, like it’s happening or already happened; made in the present tense; when they’re shorter than not; using words that are relevant and meaningful to you, and they have to really ‘gel’ with you. Your affirmations have to hit you deeply so they can make a longer lasting impression.

They’re not just words, like some of my clients say. “I want results Benita, not words”. So getting back to my point, they’re =words about a new belief system=.

Nothing ‘out there’ is going to change for you, unless you change it ‘in here’, in yourself. Your beliefs about what can and can’t work for you in life, is not based on your experiences but based on your beliefs about what can and can’t work for you in life.

If you want to change your results, you have to change your thoughts and feelings about the results that you’re getting in particular departments of your life. That’s part of the reason why I put an affirmation in the Manifesting section of these recordings/ articles: what you can and can’t manifest, depends on your beliefs and feelings about them.

Get the ball rolling for yourself, create some new beliefs for yourself with the use of affirmations. Start with your negative list of all the things you feel down about, and flip them into the opposite meaning, more positive and supportive statements like in the examples above. Affirmations aren’t just words, we’re trying to assemble your new belief system.