Affirmations – What Is Your Core Affirmation

Series: Affirmations – Part 2

I received a great question about affirmations and the answer to which I wanted to share with you.

The questions was: how do you decide on you core affirmation? One short answer is, look at what is not working the most in your life and address that with affirmations.

There might be lots of things that you want to have and do and be and experience and they might all be important, all fine there. What’s not all fine, are the areas of your life you’re unhappy about because they take up an enormous amount of head-space and heart-space.

If you’re thinking about your problems all the time, that’s where your energy is going:

  • All the different aspects about your problem;
  • The support you’re not getting;
  • How tired you are with it;
  • Wrong things others did that weren’t resolved;
  • How long the problem has been there for and how life feels held up or interrupted. Your precious energy is going on thinking and feeling the above.

What area of your life are you most unhappy with? What area of your life annoys you the most? What area of your life are you negatively consumed by? Is it regarding: money? Your health? Your weight? Your relationship? Your car? What bothers you the most?

It could be the top 5 things that bother you out of your list of 50, or it could be the top 1 thing that bothers you out of your list of 5. Whatever the number is, you need to focus on forming affirmations about the top thing or things that have the greatest negative affect on you.

For example: if you hate your job, then you need an affirmation that is phrased the opposite way you’re feeling about it, like ‘I enjoy getting up and going to work every morning’ or ‘I have a great new job that I love’.

Example two: if your health is poor, you need an affirmation that is phrased opposite to the way you feel and experience it, like ‘I enjoy great health’ or ‘My health improves every day’.

Example three: if you don’t have a relationship, but want one or if you already are in a relationship but you’re not happy, the positive phrasing of your affirmations might be ‘I am enjoying my wonderful relationship’ or ‘My partner really gets me and I’m happy’.

-Even though- you might not believe your own affirmation when you start out, cause it’s pretty obvious that your relationship is screwed up and there ain’t no fixing it, keep going with them anyway. This may not make sense to you initially.

As I mentioned in another recording about affirmations, they’re a way of reinventing yourself by way of addressing your belief systems.

By formulating your affirmations about an area of your life that isn’t working the most, and by repeating those affirmations daily, you help to change your energy, therefore you change what you attract -even amidst- the dismal situation you might be in.

So as far as deciding on your core affirmations, look at the areas of your life that aren’t working the most and form affirmations for those core areas.