Affirmations – Believing And Feeling Your Affirming Words

Series: Affirmations – Part 3

“Believing And Feeling Your Affirming Words.”

When you’re constructing your affirmations, you’ve GOTTA use words that are really going to gel with you. You have to use words that relate to known aspects of you’re life, not just words in your affirmation that are so general that you forget what they apply to. You need to believe in the words you’re using, you have to feeeeeel the words you’re using, you can’t just say words. Borrrring.

If your affirmation is “I am worthy” what does that mean? Do you know what you’re feeling worthy about? Do you know who you need to feel worthy around? Does your worthiness relate to one area and not others? If you don’t know these answers off the top of your head, then you need to write down the answers to these things in the form of another affirmation.

If you KNOW what and who you’re feeling worthy about, you don’t need to do this part, but if you don’t, then perhaps your affirmation can be one or all of these:

  • I feel worthy around my partner;
  • I am worthy of a great job;
  • I am worthy of time spent on myself.

If you don’t know what you’re feeling worthy about and don’t do the above (it’s not mandatory, it just helps you be clearer, so from that viewpoint it’s “worthy” to follow 😉 then you’ll be making sounds in the form of words that you’re not paying attention to. You gotta pay attention.

You gotta know what you’re referencing when you speak your general affirmations -if- you’re not going to write them down more specifically.

I stress that affirmations are words that have meaning to you and are felt. They’re not to be said like your multiplication times tables if that’s how you rote learnt them. There’s nothing ‘rote’ about affirmations.

And the words in the affirmation can’t be automatic, like you hear some people say prayers. It’s not meant to be a chant, words that get repeated over and over.

Lastly, in terms of how you say your affirmations, they can’t sound like a sports announcer commentating on a horse race.

I mention for your affirmations to be >spoken< because the best, most powerful way to do your affirmations is aloud in front of the mirror.

I am being very specific about all this because your affirmations are really like forming spells. You’re commanding energy. You’re manifesting!

It was hard for me to decide on a title for this series because I could have put it under ‘manifesting’ because that’s what affirmations eventually create: a manifested form of the energy from the words.

So when you’re formulating your affirmations, use meaningful words, feel into them while you say them, speak them clearly and confidently and know what the affirmation is referring to.