Affirmation For Abundance and Prosperity

Affirmations are great! They help to retrain your mind toward a healthier reality through regular repetition of carefully constructed, positive verse. And why wouldn’t you want your mind to automatically be thinking abundant and prosperous thoughts?!

While there are countless affirmations for abundance and prosperity, the following (by Sandy Forster) is the one I love the best:

  • I [your name, I’ll just use mine], now consciously and unconsciously, flood every cell of my body with abundance and prosperity consciousness.
  • Abundance and prosperity from the four corners of the earth and throughout the universe, come to me now!
  • I give myself permission to deserve abundance and prosperity now and always.
  • I bless my Self and every being in the universe to have abundance and prosperity.
  • Abundance and prosperity from the north, south, east and west, come to me now!
  • Riches from the north, south, east and west, come to me now!
  • Wealth from the north, south, east and west, come to me now!
  • Success from the north, south, east and west, come to me now!
  • Money from the north, south, east and west, come to me now!
  • Abundance and prosperity, money and success, wealth and riches from the north, south, east and west and throughout the universe, come to me now! And so it is! And I love it!!!

I particularly like this affirmation because I like the feeling that the abundance and prosperity I want is coming to me from everywhere.

While I say the affirmation, I visualize light coming to me from the north, south, east and west and above from the universe. I can feel the energy coming to me from everywhere and it feels really good!

I tend to say this affirmation at least every week, especially when I’m on my meditation, sun gazing walks (see the recordings on how to meditate at home).

You have to memorize it though. I did carry around a written copy for a while, but I soon came to know it by heart.

ADVANCED TIP: If there is a room in your house, that you devote to an interest or business that you want to help lift off the ground, say this affirmation in those rooms. Energy hangs in the ‘air’ and this also applies to thought and more importantly, to the spoken words in the space in which you reside. Help impress abundant and positive energy into the ‘air’ of the rooms that you want to progress.

Do the affirmation as often as you can. Feel the words, visualize accordingly, say it while you’re still, say it while you walk.

Slowly, you will see how this affirmation will bring about the abundance and prosperity you want 😀

Affirmations – Believing And Feeling Your Affirming Words

Series: Affirmations – Part 3

“Believing And Feeling Your Affirming Words.”

When you’re constructing your affirmations, you’ve GOTTA use words that are really going to gel with you. You have to use words that relate to known aspects of you’re life, not just words in your affirmation that are so general that you forget what they apply to. You need to believe in the words you’re using, you have to feeeeeel the words you’re using, you can’t just say words. Borrrring.

If your affirmation is “I am worthy” what does that mean? Do you know what you’re feeling worthy about? Do you know who you need to feel worthy around? Does your worthiness relate to one area and not others? If you don’t know these answers off the top of your head, then you need to write down the answers to these things in the form of another affirmation.

If you KNOW what and who you’re feeling worthy about, you don’t need to do this part, but if you don’t, then perhaps your affirmation can be one or all of these:

  • I feel worthy around my partner;
  • I am worthy of a great job;
  • I am worthy of time spent on myself.

If you don’t know what you’re feeling worthy about and don’t do the above (it’s not mandatory, it just helps you be clearer, so from that viewpoint it’s “worthy” to follow 😉 then you’ll be making sounds in the form of words that you’re not paying attention to. You gotta pay attention.

You gotta know what you’re referencing when you speak your general affirmations -if- you’re not going to write them down more specifically.

I stress that affirmations are words that have meaning to you and are felt. They’re not to be said like your multiplication times tables if that’s how you rote learnt them. There’s nothing ‘rote’ about affirmations.

And the words in the affirmation can’t be automatic, like you hear some people say prayers. It’s not meant to be a chant, words that get repeated over and over.

Lastly, in terms of how you say your affirmations, they can’t sound like a sports announcer commentating on a horse race.

I mention for your affirmations to be >spoken< because the best, most powerful way to do your affirmations is aloud in front of the mirror.

I am being very specific about all this because your affirmations are really like forming spells. You’re commanding energy. You’re manifesting!

It was hard for me to decide on a title for this series because I could have put it under ‘manifesting’ because that’s what affirmations eventually create: a manifested form of the energy from the words.

So when you’re formulating your affirmations, use meaningful words, feel into them while you say them, speak them clearly and confidently and know what the affirmation is referring to.

Affirmations – What Is Your Core Affirmation

Series: Affirmations – Part 2

I received a great question about affirmations and the answer to which I wanted to share with you.

The questions was: how do you decide on you core affirmation? One short answer is, look at what is not working the most in your life and address that with affirmations.

There might be lots of things that you want to have and do and be and experience and they might all be important, all fine there. What’s not all fine, are the areas of your life you’re unhappy about because they take up an enormous amount of head-space and heart-space.

If you’re thinking about your problems all the time, that’s where your energy is going:

  • All the different aspects about your problem;
  • The support you’re not getting;
  • How tired you are with it;
  • Wrong things others did that weren’t resolved;
  • How long the problem has been there for and how life feels held up or interrupted. Your precious energy is going on thinking and feeling the above.

What area of your life are you most unhappy with? What area of your life annoys you the most? What area of your life are you negatively consumed by? Is it regarding: money? Your health? Your weight? Your relationship? Your car? What bothers you the most?

It could be the top 5 things that bother you out of your list of 50, or it could be the top 1 thing that bothers you out of your list of 5. Whatever the number is, you need to focus on forming affirmations about the top thing or things that have the greatest negative affect on you.

For example: if you hate your job, then you need an affirmation that is phrased the opposite way you’re feeling about it, like ‘I enjoy getting up and going to work every morning’ or ‘I have a great new job that I love’.

Example two: if your health is poor, you need an affirmation that is phrased opposite to the way you feel and experience it, like ‘I enjoy great health’ or ‘My health improves every day’.

Example three: if you don’t have a relationship, but want one or if you already are in a relationship but you’re not happy, the positive phrasing of your affirmations might be ‘I am enjoying my wonderful relationship’ or ‘My partner really gets me and I’m happy’.

-Even though- you might not believe your own affirmation when you start out, cause it’s pretty obvious that your relationship is screwed up and there ain’t no fixing it, keep going with them anyway. This may not make sense to you initially.

As I mentioned in another recording about affirmations, they’re a way of reinventing yourself by way of addressing your belief systems.

By formulating your affirmations about an area of your life that isn’t working the most, and by repeating those affirmations daily, you help to change your energy, therefore you change what you attract -even amidst- the dismal situation you might be in.

So as far as deciding on your core affirmations, look at the areas of your life that aren’t working the most and form affirmations for those core areas.

Affirmations – A General Message About Belief Systems

From Benita’s “Being Happier” Podcast

Series: Affirmations – Part 1

“Affirmations: A General Message About Belief Systems!”

I did touch on affirmations briefly in the Manifesting section of recordings and articles, but I want to make a special and dedicated category for all things about affirmations.

Affirmations are really about changing your belief systems. However, most people don’t associate affirmations with changing your belief system, but that’s exactly what they’re for, to change how you think and feel about yourself, the world and others.

Affirmations are positive, powerful statements about feeling capable and better about yourself. They’re aimed at what you want to improve about yourself. They’re based on the negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and the world, but they’re flipped around and phrased in the opposite way.

A great exercise you can do, is to make a list of all the ways you feel negative about yourself, about others and about the world out there, then apply the opposite meaning to formulate a new, powerful and encouraging statement.

You could have 10 things on your list, you could have 50, and as you go through making your negative list, you might observe how many things you have to work on, in terms of feeling better about yourself.

For example, if on your negative belief list you’ve written “nobody likes me”, the opposite to that, phrased into a positive statement can be “I am a likable person”.

If another negative belief is “I can’t get hired”, the opposite to that as an affirmation is “I have skills and talents that my employer found attractive”.

Perhaps you have a negative view about relationships, like “relationships don’t work for me”, then your new belief as determined by your affirmation can be “I’m in a great relationship now and my partner really gets me!”. Do you noticed how these affirmations are phrased?

Affirmations have the best effect: when they’re phrased in the present, like it’s happening or already happened; made in the present tense; when they’re shorter than not; using words that are relevant and meaningful to you, and they have to really ‘gel’ with you. Your affirmations have to hit you deeply so they can make a longer lasting impression.

They’re not just words, like some of my clients say. “I want results Benita, not words”. So getting back to my point, they’re =words about a new belief system=.

Nothing ‘out there’ is going to change for you, unless you change it ‘in here’, in yourself. Your beliefs about what can and can’t work for you in life, is not based on your experiences but based on your beliefs about what can and can’t work for you in life.

If you want to change your results, you have to change your thoughts and feelings about the results that you’re getting in particular departments of your life. That’s part of the reason why I put an affirmation in the Manifesting section of these recordings/ articles: what you can and can’t manifest, depends on your beliefs and feelings about them.

Get the ball rolling for yourself, create some new beliefs for yourself with the use of affirmations. Start with your negative list of all the things you feel down about, and flip them into the opposite meaning, more positive and supportive statements like in the examples above. Affirmations aren’t just words, we’re trying to assemble your new belief system.