Dreams – Change Your Life Through Dreaming

Change Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 1

The dreams you have at night and their meanings for your life are not reserved for people who have an interest in them or for those who already understand a little about them. The answers dreams hold for your life are numerous and endless and enormously helpful to assist you in figuring out all sorts of problems.

Your dreams can tell you how to fix the mysterious problem in your car, your dreams can show you why you’re having a relationship conflict, your dreams can show you how to physically heal from an illness. If you knew and believed that, you would want to record them every night and have them interpreted regularly. It’s like learning another language, you’re not going to instantly understand a foreign language, but if you’re around that culture or in that country you pick up words here and there… how…? Because you’re open.

If you’re open to your dreams helping you, you’re going to be able to move faster in life and achieve the things you want. But you can’t achieve what you want in general be it improved health, improved income or improved relationships, there can’t be improvements while there are energy leaks within you.

Your dreams can show you where and how your energy is leaking. Sealing energy leaks will make you move forward in life because you’re not caught up in the past which is where your energy might be leaking away. When you have all your energy, here and now, ready to use, you will be able to live your dreams (aspirations) and enjoy life so much better and easier. So try not to box up understanding your dreams as something belonging to the esoteric, or try not to limit wanting to know about them when you can be bothered.

Dreams hold the keys for where your energy is leaking, and when that stops you can speed ahead in your V8 instead of in your 4 cylinder car. You’ll just be so much happier and successful!