Dreams – Your Dreams Can Be Your Diet Counselor

Change Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 2
Your Dreams Can Be Your Diet Counselor.

If you have your diet in mind because of weight you might be trying to lose, or if you realised that you’re getting a bit flabby and you need toning, you might seek some advice from friends or professionals. It’s generally not a consideration for you to consult your dreams on the matter. But don’t underestimate yourself or your dreams.

Dreams can be particularly helpful concerning diet advice, for foods that you might need to cut out, for example a person who is allergic to wheat, might have dreams where wheat features.

As an example with my client, she wanted to become a vegan. She had already stopped eating land animals and sea animals and had become a vegetarian, but dairy and eggs were her next goal to cut out so she wasn’t eating any animal products at all. My client was kind of looking for a sign for when she should do this and if she was making the right decision. She came to her session wanting to discuss this.

I said to her that if her intuition was going to give her a sign about timing, it would occur in a very straight forward, yet possibly not obvious way. I use the analogy of a 3D puzzle. If you look at a 3D puzzle, you might not see the point of it straight away. But if you look at the puzzle for long enough, an image will jump out and seem so obvious you wonder why you never saw it before.

Just like a 3D puzzle, you’re not going to get the point of a dream straight away, but if you think deeper about the images presented, you’re more likely to realize the advice from your dreams than if you dismissed your dreams.

My client’s dream was about cooked eggs next to a beautiful and magical nature scene. That’s all. She said the nature scene seemed to be spoilt by the eggs being there. I let her know that right there, was her advice and direction from the dream. She felt from the dream that the eggs didn’t belong and should be removed. If you apply her feelings to her wondering about her diet, the eggs need to be removed from her diet.

She had a lightbulb moment and another shortly to follow, when I talked about meat and animal products blocking intuition. It’s not a rule that applies to everybody, because some people can have very unhealthy diets and eat a lot of meat and they can still be very intuitive. But in general, not eating meat nor animal products, will help your intuition and healing ability get stronger.

My client had another lightbulb moment because she wanted to do a natural healing course and wondered if she should be become a vegan before she started studying the course. I felt her dream was telling her she was ready to stop eating eggs and it was a good time to change her diet before her study.

I’m not especially talking about becoming a vegan here, more so: you can get more diet advice than you ever thought possible, from your dreams. This can be especially useful to you if you are fructose or lactose intolerant.

My suggestion is for you to keep a dream journal of any dreams you may have. Interpreting your dreams will help you with heaps of different things, not just your diet. And as you keep your journal, over a three month period, note the dreams you have about food. What could your dreams be saying about cutting out or reducing particular foods from your diet?