Dreams – Is Somebody Invading Your Dream Space?

The “Being Happier” Podcast

Today’s Topic: Change Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 3

Is Somebody Invading Your Dream Space?

This message on Change Your Life Through Dreaming, part 3, is about how people can communicate to you through your dreams, sometimes, specifically, because they want to control you.

In arguments and other situations where conflict arises, there tends to be one person who is more reasonable while the other person is less reasonable. The more reasonable person, you for instance, might feel that the less reasonable person is still hung up on their point in the conflict. They dig in their heels, they want to ‘make’ you take something on board and you can feel their force about this. It causes you to want space away from them, through time or distance, because you are feeling the pressure they are putting on you to make you think like them.

You don’t want to contact them, but you have an uncomfortable feeling that ‘they’ want ‘you’ to contact them. If you contact them, then in their mind, you have come round, which has somehow proved them right and you wrong.

The less reasonable person in real life, might find their way into your dreams, to ensure that they drill their point home, while you’re feeling invaded in the dream.

Take note here, these dreams are more real than you think. The other person is trying to force contact and force you to agree with something and without realizing it, they have disturbed you on a very deep level, in your dreams. Their energy has penetrated yours and you feel you can’t get a break from them, not even while you’re trying to sleep.

The person you had or are having a conflict with: friend, partner, ex, relative, colleague, might come into your dreams into spaces that are (in real life), specially reserved for one other person, maybe only you: bathroom, toilet, bedroom, house, office or study, as examples. In the dream, you are outraged, stressed, anxious or fearful that they are there. You feel invaded, cornered, like you have no peaceful space left to yourself to feel free and relaxed.

“Could this really be happening… Is somebody invading my dreams… Isn’t it ‘just’ a dream?” No. The other person is being rude and disrespectful of your boundaries. But how did this happen?

The person who is invading your dreams, don’t have special powers, they didn’t get into your dream because they are a witch or a devil. So how did they get into your dream?

The person you’re having a conflict with, the person you want distance from, can feel, energetically, that you are guilty for creating that gap between you. If you weren’t feeling doubtful of your decision to have space from them, if you weren’t feeling like a bad person because of it, they couldn’t come into your dreams.

So dreams, these dreams, can change your life, if you pay attention to them. These types of dreams where you feel cornered or invaded by another, happens because you need to learn to be responsible for you. If you felt stronger in yourself, if you felt that it is correct that you are allowed to have time and space away from somebody who is causing you stress, then your dreams will be more peaceful and you won’t have (as many) intruders.

You will also be able to live your waking life with more conviction because you are more aware of supporting your own feelings, rather than allowing yourself to feel disturbed by supporting other people’s feelings.