DREAMS – Dreams That Warn Of Coming Visitors

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Today’s Topic: Change Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 4

Being Happier PodcastChange Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 4

“Dreams That Warn Of Coming Visitors.”

If you’re not in the habit of paying attention to your dreams and I told you that dreams can help you prepare for unexpected visitors or contact, you might take them more seriously. Rather, you might take your own intuition more seriously because your dreams are like your intuition.

You could have a predictive dream that could be warning you that somebody will be in touch with you. Not warning you like the person who might be in touch is evil, but warning in terms of helping you be prepared to deal with the upcoming contact.

The person who you may be about to run into or ring you, might be perceived by you as being a bit ‘evil’, they might be an ex, or an old boss you hated or somebody else you had a fight with, in which case the dream may very well act like an actual warning to help protect you from sudden surprises.

It may not feel like a warning in the dream, because you won’t be ‘thinking’ in the dream, you’ll be getting on with the dreaming.

The dream might show a letter arriving or a text or email or a phone ringing or somebody knocking on the door, but in the dream, it may not be clear -who- is in contact. In the dream, you might only notice the nature of the contact without knowing who it is. Or, you might get a blatant and straightforward cue from your dream, maybe somebody saying that the person you’re concerned about, is going to be in touch. Sometimes these prediction dreams can be obscure, other times they can be direct messages.

Most people would want to be prepared for contact from a person they had a conflict with or a person who has been off the radar for some years. It’s always easier to orient yourself before the interaction actually occurs, rather than to be caught off guard with the person in question suddenly staring you in the face. So if you do have a dream about some form of communication, pay attention.

Thank yourself as well, for your intuition being strong enough to warn you of future events. You must have a stronger intuitive link with your higher self in this case and or with the surprise person you’re about to communicate with. And help yourself have more of these kinds of signs and warnings for other future events, by getting into the habit of recording your dreams every time you recall them.

Just write down a few words to summarize the dream, to help prompt you later to reflect on the dream and important messages therein. So rather than ‘accidentally’ having a predictive dream that was lucky and well-timed helping you prepare for surprises, increase your chances of these dreams happening more regularly, with the regular habit of writing your dreams down.

The deliberate exercise of writing your dreams down regularly will strengthen your intuition which means your predictive dreams have a chance to happen often.

Just to conclude the message about paying attention to predictive dreams about future contact from somebody, note anything in the dream to do with a text, email, a phone ringing or a letter. It may be the same person in the dream trying to contact you as they are in real life, it could be a different person and it may not be the same communication method in the dream as it ends up being in real life. Somebody is trying to reach you and you can help yourself be prepared by recalling and acting on your dreams.