DREAMS – Dreams Show The Importance Of Feeling Your Feelings

Series: Change Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 5

Being Happier Podcast“Dreams Show The Importance Of Feeling Your Feelings.”

When you dream of somebody suffering in some way, physically or emotionally, even if they don’t look like you, IT IS YOU.

The suffering that is being shown to you in the dream, may have happened recently in the dream, but the pain could very well be from the past and only showing itself now.

You could have had some traumatic incident or a period of time, 6 or 12 or 24 months ago, but you didn’t fully feel the pain and the stress that was happening to you then, you suppressed it. Pain from such times, can take a while to come up to the surface, because along with suppressing it, you may have only just realised how bad it actually was, back then.

You could have had a series of lightbulb moments just yesterday or a few days ago, where you realise how much a person or situation negatively affected you in the past, that it was much worse than you could conceptualize or process at the time. It could have taken you this long to acknowledge and feel your feelings from months, years or decades ago.

When you’re in emotional pain, there’s a disassociation that occurs. The norm is to separate it from yourself because it might be inconvenient to feel at that moment; you might not have the support you need to allow the pain to come up; you might have had other pressing demands that cause you to feel you didn’t have time for all this feeling stuff.

Because a disassociation occurs with your feelings, because you separate yourself from your painful feelings, the person who is suffering in your dream, doesn’t look like you. You’ve done that. You’ve separated your feelings, so you’ve also separated the physical features you have to look like somebody else from a different culture, nationality, age, even sex.

It more often happens that ‘another person’, not you, is suffering in the dream. It can be you suffering in your dream, this is a better sign, which means that you’re feeling your feelings more and owning them, rather than disassociating and disowning them.

A dream about suffering, while it might not look or feel good, it is actually a healing dream to show you what is happening within you: you’re realizing that you were traumatized; you’re feeling your feelings; the pain (possibly from the past) is finally coming up to the surface; your feelings are being validated, by yourself and or another.

Honour your dreams, there’re so many answers within them. There is hardly anybody on the planet who can tell you about the emotional progress you’re making within yourself, but your dreams can do this every night.

Your Higher Self is trying to communicate to you through your dreams, your heart is trying to communicate to you about what’s going on ‘in there’, through your dreams. Pay attention to your dreams, you’ll never be without answers.