DREAMS – Who Was Making Love To You, In Your Dream?

Series: Change Your Life Through Dreaming – Part 6

Being Happier Podcast“Who Is Making Love To You, In Your Dream?”

You would have heard somebody having one of ‘those’ dreams, perhaps you’ve had them yourself, where somebody is making love to you. The alarm clock goes off… but you reeeally want to stay in your dream 😉

The dream might not be intimate to that extent, but you could be in somebody’s arms, lying under a tree, perhaps you’re on a lovely walk in the forest or at the beach. Effectively, romantic or other hot stuff is going on. So who is that person?

It’s less likely to be a person. Actually it would be more correct to say it’s not a ‘person’ at all, and much more likely to be a spirit guide.

It can sound a bit weird and embarrassing. It’s like somebody else apart from you (your spirit guide), knows that the lovemaking dream occurred. Otherwise no ‘body’ would know and that can feel better.

Most people don’t like to admit that they’re feeling that level of vulnerability or yearning, but the spirit guide always knows the state of your heart.

What is a spirit guide? In brief, a spirit guide is a spirit, they are not in a body, and they’re there =for you=, for company, advice and guidance. They love you and they are there to look after you and all of your emotional and spiritual needs.

You can have other types of guidance coming from spirits, who are relatives or friends no longer alive, but they have not been assigned to keep your soul, as specifically as a spirit guide.

Here are some of the circumstances in which you’re likely to trigger one of these love-making dreams:

  • You’ve been separated from your romantic partner, deliberately or accidentally.
  • You’re single, feeling lonely and longing for a relationship.
  • You’re single or in a relationship but you haven’t had proper closeness or good sex for a while (perhaps a long while).
  • You’re in an unhappy relationship and wondering about being with somebody else.
  • You’re single and don’t want to be in a relationship cause you’ve ‘been there, done that’ but a part of you yearns for it.

Dreaming about making love

Some people, especially if they want to know who their next relationship is, will have such a dream and will pay particular attention to what the stranger looked like so they can identify them in real life.

It is possible to dream of the person you’re about to meet next, and if it’s happened to you, well done! It’s also possible to have a ‘dream relationship’ with somebody from real life because you can’t be together. Otherwise, rarely are these dreams predictive or actual in nature.

You can dream of somebody in a romantic context, that you haven’t been in touch with for a while: they could be your ex, somebody you liked at work, met at a party or even a stranger you crossed paths with. In all these cases, there is a feeling you’re looking for, which is why that person from real life, is in your dream.

You might also have some unfinished business with somebody in real life, in which case you might dream about that person often, in a romantic sense.

In most cases, the ‘person’ in your romantic dream, is a spirit guide. They can sometimes take the guise of somebody you know, so you think you’re dreaming of the gorgeous person across the street, when really you’re dreaming of your spirit guide.

Generally, your spirit guide in your romantic dream, doesn’t look like anybody you know. Occasionally they’re a celebrity.

The giveaway that you’re dreaming of your spirit guide:

  • The ‘person’ in your dream is attractive.
  • They have things about them which appeal to you.
  • They don’t look like anybody you actually know personally.

They have things about them that appeal to you, because your spirit guide knows what you like…and how you like it 😉

Lovemaking dreams and romantic dreams, happen to give you an emotional lift. They happen in order to heal you because you’re needing love and attention in some way, but you’re not getting it.

You might not be meeting the man or woman of your ‘dreams’ tomorrow, but you can be really happy and secure that you’re NEVER alone because you’re spirit guide is ALWAYS there.

If you’re spirit guide is coming into your dreams in this fashion, it’s such a lovely reminder that you do indeed have a close connection with him or her; that they have heard your call and have arrived in your dreams to look after your happiness…

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