Be Loyal To Yourself First

From “The Daily Boost” Series

Most of us growing up, were taught to think of the other person and not hurt their feelings. We weren’t encouraged to think about our own feelings and what we want.

What do you f-e-e-l like doing? Do you really want to spend time with certain people and go certain places to please them?

Be loyal to yourself and stick to your guns regardless of the negative attitudes of others and the guilt they may aim at you. Be loyal to your feelings first, be loyal to your thoughts first, be loyal to your opinions first. Don’t let yourself down.

Life Is Better Now, Not Then

From “The Daily Boost” Series

You might want to be happier about being in the present, but your mind keeps going back to somewhere in the past where you think things were better.

Do yourself a favor and bring your attention to right here and right now. You’ve grown in yourself and you’ve learnt important stuff that you weren’t aware of back then. Life is actually better now.

Sleep For Natural Boost

From “The Daily Boost” Series

It’s hard to wake up and feel motivated about your day if you’re not sleeping properly. It’s so easy to feel negative when you’re tired.

Prioritise your timetable, your professional and personal life around getting to bed at a regular, early time. You’ll feel so much more positive about yourself and your life when you have rested properly.

Get Back ToYourself Now

From “The Daily Boost” Series

The needs of your loved ones can feel they are just as important or more important than your needs. But your needs for you, are the most important for you.

Your needs can get lost amidst the pressing needs of your loved ones. But you’re important too. Your needs are important too.

Find the strength, determination, commitment and focus to get back to catering for your own needs now. Now 🙂 !

You’re Still Beautiful If Unpolished

From “The Daily Boost” Series

You might feel like polished silver- where you look in the mirror and feel happy with what you see, because you put effort into your physical appearance. Or you might feel like unpolished silver- where you don’t take the time to appear more attractive in your opinion, because you’re not prioritising it.

You might have many more important things to do at the moment and don’t perceive beautifying yourself to be a priority or relevant to your demands and commitments.

Just because you’re not prioritising the polishing of your silver, doesn’t mean the silver can’t be polished at some point when you choose to prioritise it. In the meantime, you’re still just as beautiful…

Protection From Those Who Constantly Complain

From “The Daily Boost” Series

If you don’t want to be the one who lifts others up; you’re tired of being the counselor, entertainer and comedian for others who always seem down, then remove yourself from them or say sorry. Don’t get involved.

People who don’t want to fix their life, always complain. You might feel they’re making you more negative than you already are or you might feel they’re ruining your positive mood or sucking all your energy.

All you can do in those situations is physically leave or say “sorry to hear that or sorry you feel that way”. Keep your energy in tact. Don’t get involved with negative people who constantly complain.

Respect Your Personal Interests

From “The Daily Boost” Series

EPISODE #62: Respect Your Personal Interests

Feel better about yourself by having more respect for the things you’re interested in, particularly if they have childhood links.

Whatever you used to do as a child, whatever you associate with having childlike play time, if you’re interested in those things now as an adult, GREAT! You’re healing your creativity and reclaiming time that you might have missed out on as a child.

Feel good about your interests. Enjoy them. Have respect for what you like!

Want Successful Results? Get Back Into Practise

From “The Daily Boost” Series

Nothing in you has been lost.

Everything about your ace qualities and behaviors are still there, they’re still in tact, even though they’re not practised as much as they might have been in the past.

You can’t expect successful results if you haven’t practised the lifestyle elements that were in force in the past, that got you to where you were then.

Work your way back up, build momentum and you’ll be up there again, if not ten times higher than before!

Striving Less Might Be Healthy

From “The Daily Boost” Series

To achieve a boost of positivity and energy for yourself and your life, can be achieved in a counter intuitive way, that is, to strive less and withdraw a little.

You might need to cut back on your involvement or ideals at the moment because you might be disappointing yourself regularly by aiming higher than you can manage.

However possible, come back down to a minimum level of functioning and when you’ve got that maintained for a while, work your way up again.

You Should Have “X” By Now?

From “The Daily Boost” Series

You are likely to easily, automatically and frequently think to yourself “I should have x by now”: the great relationship, the beautiful house, the dream job, a certain amount of money in the bank… etc.

You can turn the pressure up with expectations like: you should have x by now because of your age, gender, culture… etc.

None of that matters. None of those things apply to you, as an individual. What matters is what you have achieved so far.

What matters is that you remember that when you’re ready, you will gradually move toward all the things you want. Your future could be great!