Dream 1 Interpreted

From “The Healing Show” Series #09: Chamge Your Life Through Dreaming

Energy, Spirits And Childhood Conditioning.

It’s much easier to exemplify dream interpretation by using one dream as a case study, rather than say, using a dream dictionary approach. This message about dreams is one in which I discuss everything necessary for a dream interpretation. I discuss what happened in the dream, what happened before the dream and how the interpretation of the dream applies to life with all the insights and answers it can offer.

As I worked through the following dream, I learnt a lot about myself: how energy works, how family conditioning plays out and I learnt more about the spirit world. All of this helped me feel at peace after the dream, which I would not have felt if I ignored the dream. If I had ignored the dream, I would have felt much like I did before I had the dream, which was pretty awful.

What happened the day before the dream:
Writing your dream in your dream diary is good, but you must also write up what happened before the dream, just a few lines will do. It is an essential part of your dream interpretation study to link up what you experienced earlier, with the dream, ie the day before you had the dream or the week leading up to the dream.

The day before my dream went like this:

I rang up a friend whom I’ve known for countless years, for the sole purpose of discussing our damaged friendship and how we might mend it. Normally this kind of conversation always comes from me because she’s so great at avoiding the subject. I was hoping in this conversation that she would do some of the work of helping to fix us. She didn’t. I was fuming.

She told me a story instead, about where she’d been and how full on it was for her. At this stage I’m thinking that I don’t care about her story, I care about fixing the friendship. Then I thought she might need to air the story first before she could talk about us, so I let her tell me in detail about the ins and outs of her trip interstate.

She had gone back to her ex family home as there was a problem about it’s ownership amongst her siblings, as her parents had died. She told me of all the professionals and officials she had to call on to help resolve the matter. It sounded like a really big deal! It had taken much energy from her as every single day of her one month trip was something to do with the house.

I tried not to ask too many questions because I wanted to show her that the phone call wasn’t about her story, it was about our friendship. She didn’t actually get back to discussing our friendship and I hung up feeling quite angry. Not only did she avoid talking about our friendship, I also got sucked in to wondering more about her story, since I had been to the house in question and met her parents (when they were alive). I was annoyed at myself because I inadvertently found myself thinking about her life and trying to sort it out in my head. I tried to stop thinking about her.

The Dream:

When you record your dreams in your dream diary, be that a physical notebook, in your mobile, email or in a computer file, write as much as you can remember about your dream. This can become a time consuming process so if you’re short of time, as much as you can write in a few minutes is better than nothing.

My dream went like this: I was in her family home and it was during the day. Her Mum (died years ago) walked passed me. She was happy to see me, I was glad to see her too, but I could tell that she was unhappy with the fight about the ownership of the house. The Mother went into another part of the house. I proceeded to clean up the rubbish in the house. Very unpleasant.

I could smell in the dream, how stinky the rubbish was, as food and drink were going off in the heat (it was a hot day in the dream). I got what mess I could into a big rubbish bag and took it out of the house, looking for a bin to put it into. I saw my friend lying on a bench outside the house. My friend looked like she was in a coma, that is, she was completely out of it. Even if she had wanted to communicate with me in the dream, because I was standing a meter away from her, she had zero energy to do so. I felt sad and sorry for her. Dream ended.

Dream interpretation:

Even if you don’t know what your dream is about, write down what you think it could be about. Link up what happened the day before you had the dream, with your dream and see if there are any patterns. You can always get your dreams interpreted by yours truly or by some other means, as the messages in them are invaluable for your progress in life.

I interpreted my dream as follows: the way my friend was exhausted in the dream is how she was at the time of our phone call, even though she didn’t know it. My friend didn’t have the energy to talk about our friendship when I called her because she hadn’t emotionally or physically recovered from her trip. Even if she had wanted to have the energy for our friendship and talk about how we were going to mend our relationship, she didn’t have it.

The dream taught me about energy: If somebody has come back from a place where a lot was going on and things are left unfinished, the person’s energy is likely to still be there- interstate, in the case of my friend. Her energy had not returned to Melbourne where we both live at the moment, her energy was still interstate. She could not be present in our conversation even if she wanted to because like the dream, she was almost comatose as far as her involvement in anything but her own recovery.

The dream taught me about spirits: Spirits are just as real as flesh and blood except most of us can’t see them or feel them. My friend’s Mum was in my dream as though to tell me that she was aware of the problems with the house and that she was with my friend during the process of her trip. If my friend paid attention to her dreams, then perhaps she would have dreamt of her own Mum and felt supported by the energetic presence of her. If my friend considered her dreams as valuable, then she would feel that she wasn’t alone, that her Mum was indeed with her.

The dream taught me about childhood conditioning: It wasn’t my house, it wasn’t my family and it wasn’t my problem to sort out, although I dreamt about tidying up the stinky rubbish in the house. My friend wasn’t tidying up the rubbish, her Mum wasn’t tidying up the rubbish, I was the one tidying up the rubbish and taking it out of the house.

I realized that my parents taught me to take responsibility for them and for the problems within their dysfunctional relationship. This is not a good thing and I have worked a lot on this problem, however, the dream showed me there was more work to be done. I was so grateful to have the dream to demonstrate to me that my old pattern of taking responsibility for others, was very much alive and it gave me something to work on. End dream interpretation.

I thought it was fascinating that a single dream could provide me with such enormous insight. That’s what I want for you, reading this now. I want you to benefit from your dreams as I do. Record them, include what happened the day before, get your dreams interpreted or do your best to link up real life with your dream to decipher its invaluable messages.

To me, dreams are like gold. I pick up the gold and spend it on making my life easier. Other people walk passed the gold and their life is harder because the answers they seek for peace and happiness were in their dreams but they didn’t stop to pay attention. Let yourself be your own guide through paying attention to your dreams.

There is almost nowhere else on earth where you will receive free help for your life. You don’t have to go anywhere to have your dreams and you don’t have to pay anybody in order to have them. Isn’t that great! Your intuition is your best help and available to you every night in your dreams.