The Truth About People In Dreams

From “The Healing Show” Series #09: Change Your Life Through Dreaming

When you have a conflict with somebody, when something isn’t resolved or when there is guess work, your dreams can show you the truth about people.

Forget how nice another person might be acting toward you in waking life, if it shows in the dream that they have a problem with you, take the dream meaning into account or even further, let the dream truth override the waking life truth (in most cases).

If a person is holding back their feelings and pretending not to care, but in the dream they act like they’re in love with you or want to be your best friend, take the truth from the dream about how the person really feels.

Use your dreams as a measure to determine what to believe about another and how much time and energy you should invest. The dream will generally tell you what is the real state of affairs.