Empower Your Life With Tarot – Part 1

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Today’s Topic: Empower Your Life With Tarot – Part 1

“Tarot Cards Can Heal!”

Tarot cards can help you with many different situations, within you and without you. You can consult the Tarot through a reader or through your own use of them reading for yourself. But Tarot cards are not reserved for readings, you can do other things with them…

I suggest you use the Rider Waite Tarot deck, because I find them the most detailed and comprehensive of all the Tarot decks. The pictures on the cards in the Rider Waite deck are very specific and very clear, which is especially important for the purposes I’m about to explain.

You will or have inevitably found yourself in a situation where somebody needed help from afar, but you weren’t free to physically tend to them or maybe you weren’t even free to talk to them. You have definitely been in need of help yourself, now or in the past, emotionally or physically, but you weren’t free to tend to your own needs at the time when it was necessary. So what can you do to heal yourself or others, even when you don’t have time or space? Use your Tarot cards and go and find some crystals as well.

Find the relevant cards in the Rider Waite Tarot deck that depict your situation or the other person’s situation. You might use the four of wands if sleep is an issue, you might use the two of cups or the lovers card if a friendship or relationship needs healing, you might use the five of pentacles if you or somebody is injured, you might use eight of swords if you or somebody is feeling trapped, you might use the eight of wands with regards to a travel situation.

You can choose more than one card to describe the situation for you or for another, I suggest up to five cards to cover a few different aspects of the situation but not more than that, so as not to scatter the focus of the healing.

Choose some people cards from the deck as well, to depict the person or people involved- does the person have blonde, light brown or reddish hair? Then maybe choose the Queen or King of Cups or the Queen or King of Wands. Does the person have black or brown hair? Then maybe choose the Queen or King of Pentacles or the Queen or King of Swords.

I’ve gone into a little detail above about which cards you can choose, but you don’t actually need to know about the Tarot to know which cards to pick. Decide on your cards based on whatever you see as relevant. It’s what the cards remind -you- of, that is important. Which card reminds you of a certain person or a particular situation? What do you think? And select cards according to your own assessment of which are the most similar to what you know.

Once you have selected the cards to help heal you or another person, place them out on the table or special cloth or wherever you can, where they can be left and not be disturbed for a while. Then find some crystals…

You may already have a crystal collection or perhaps you want to buy a few tumbled gemstones from a new age type shop or maybe you’ve got a few items of jewellery that have gemstones in them. They’re good too. Get the crystals you have and surround the cards (that represent you or another person or a situation) with a circle of crystals.

This is not a spell, be down to earth and real about this, rather than keep it in the realms of the mysterious mystical. Keep in mind that your whole purpose of doing this procedure with the cards and crystals is healing.

The Tarot cards are not just pieces of cardboard with drawings on them, the crystals are not just rocks from the ground like blue stone (used to build houses). Even people who are into Tarot and crystals will forget that the cards are not just cardboard, and the crystals are not just rocks. The cards stimulate your psyche and your intuition and the crystals have energy within them and together, they can help assist the healing process on your behalf.

If you feel you have no time or money or energy or other resources or whatever to help heal yourself or another person or a situation… if you feel helpless to do anything or you feel somebody or something is stopping you from doing something to improve yours or another’s situation, then do this: select representative cards from the Tarot deck and surround them with crystals. It will make a positive difference and lend healing.