Empower Your Life With Tarot – Part 2

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Today’s Topic: Empower Your Life With Tarot – Part 2

Why Is It Called “Empower Your Life With Tarot” ?

Why did I call this series “Empower Your Life With Tarot”. How can the Tarot empower your life?

It can seem like an odd question to some. Using Tarot cards, isn’t like taking a vitamin, it’s not obvious how it can immediately help you. Drawing Tarot cards isn’t like drinking water when you’re dehydrated, it’s not clear how it can instantly fix things. But when I talk about how Tarot can help you with elevating your self-awareness, the empowering word becomes relevant.

If you want to make changes in your life, you need to be aware of yourself. When your self-awareness is there, you can come to know what you have to change within yourself, so that you can improve your life. When awareness is missing, change can feel difficult, almost impossible.

Awareness of what? Awareness of your energy. What is ‘energy’ or what is ‘your energy’: it’s what drives your feelings and thoughts to exist and energy is expressed in your feelings and thoughts.

Effectively, the more awareness you have of yourself, the more you can change. Awareness is the key and awareness is everything.

Most metaphysical tools and experiences, give you an opportunity to become more aware of yourself: (including, not only)
Past lives: can help you know what has come from the past, to enable you to focus on the present;
Meditation: especially the Breathing, Heart Focus, I Am meditation, will lift your awareness to help you make better choices;
Dreams: when you pay attention to and act on their messages, life can speed up and feel easier;
Numerology, Healing practices, and Crystals are included, and of course, the Tarot. The Tarot can reflect what you are and what you are not aware of, through the depictions on the cards.

For example, if you’re feeling tired, you might be aware of that on one level, but you might not be aware of how deep that tiredness goes, until you draw a card that looks like you’re dead, like the ten or swords or the four of swords. I’m not saying you’re dead, but you might feel like you’re dead: no energy, nothing to give.

Rather than acknowledge your tiredness in real life, you might keep going with other stuff you have to do and brush it off. Because you’ve brushed it off, you can think that you’re coping or consider the tiredness not as bad as it really is… until those aforementioned cards are drawn and your awareness spikes up.

Same as if you’re upset, about a romantic or family situation. You might have experienced the same situation for years and you might tell yourself that you ‘should’ be used to feeling hurt and it ‘shouldn’t’ affect you anymore. You suppress your painful feelings and if you’ve suppressed them well, you’re not able to heal from the pain, because it’s buried.

Then comes along the three of swords from the Tarot pack, or The Tower card. You view the tragic looking images and you think, “am I feeling as upset as all that?… geez… the pictures don’t look good… maybe I am upset… Mmm, come to think of it, maybe I am… wow… maybe I’m super, extra upset and whoah… this is a big thing for me to realise”.

Some people might think that Tarot cards are just drawings on a card. ‘Just’ drawings on cards? Are they? Aren’t they?

The Tarot, every individual card, represents an aspect of yourself and the situation you’re experiencing. The Tarot is you, in a manner of speaking. So, if the Tarot is you, then by drawing cards you can reveal you to yourself, you can become more aware of yourself, you can see things and acknowledge things that you might not have been able to do before. The pictures and word for each card can communicate messages about yourself, others and your environment.

When you acknowledge your feelings and thoughts, you can become more aware; when you become aware, you can change; awareness empowers your life and change empowers your being, therefore, the more power you have to control more aspects of your own life. You can achieve all this, simply by using and learning from Tarot cards. Hence, “Empower Your Life With Tarot”.