Empower Your Life With Tarot – Part 3

Series: Empower Your Life With Tarot – Part 3

“Do The Same Tarot Cards Keep Coming Up For You?”
When doing Tarot readings for yourself or perhaps when you get them done, you will notice that certain cards repeat from one spread to the next. That’s something to note!

The 4 of swords might come up for you often, or perhaps it’s the damn 10 of wands that just won’t go away! That’s the whole point… you want the card to go away because it doesn’t look good, and yet it’s essential that you pay attention to that card the most.

Pay attention to the cards that regularly come up for you in your readings, particularly if you do readings on yourself every day or every week.

Repeat cards show you where your energy is repeatedly going. For example: if you regularly get the 3 of wands in your reading, it suggests that you want to move forward, but you’re hesitating about it on a regular basis. In that case, a decision or some kind of movement is needed to refresh your energy.

As another example: if you keep getting the 3 of swords in your reading, it suggests that you’ve been experiencing intense emotional pain and it’s been going on for ages. In that case, a decision is needed to address the pain or the person causing the pain in order to make that card stop appearing in your readings.

Recurring Tarot cards tell you that a resolution of an issue is required. Take it seriously, rather than letting something go on, to potentially get worse.

It’s all well and good if the recurring cards are positive cards, we all love drawing those! It’s the negative cards or the ones that refer to stagnation which are the concern.

I recall a client who, for about 5 months, kept drawing the 8 of swords. My client either reacted with dread or surprise, thinking that she had already dealt with the 8 of swords. She obviously hadn’t, otherwise the card wouldn’t reappear.

I asked her what she wasn’t facing; what didn’t she want to look at; what action didn’t she want to carry through with. These were all relevant to her.

She had wanted to get more established in her role at work by undertaking a project that would achieve that, however, it had been sitting on her desk for months and she hadn’t touched it! Hence, the 8 of swords was very relevant for her.

It could be a health issue that you continue to ignore or maybe it’s some issue in your family that you need to come to terms with. Whatever the issue is, act on it, nip it in the bud while it’s still the size it is and save your energy.

When issues drag on, week after week, month after month, the energy it takes to keep them at bay is massive! Unresolved issues lead to increased tiredness, illness and a feeling of being stuck in life.

Do yourself a favor, use the Tarot to become aware of where your energy’s going.

Move forward more easily and enjoy a more vibrant life 🙂