HEALTH – What Constipation Means Emotionally

Finding Deeper Causes To Health Issues – Part 2

Constipation. Why does it happen? What is the emotion driving it? There are always unhealthy emotions driving problems in your body. There is a strong energetic link between your feeling anxious about money and constipation, because… you’re not in the flow of life and you’re not trusting that things are actually ok or you’re not trusting that things will shortly be ok.

It’s the feelings that control what happens in your body, not the facts as such. The facts can say you don’t need to worry, but you are. The facts can say you should worry, but you’re not. If you’re =feeling= negative about your financial situation, you are likely to create that in your body in the form of constipation.

I give a little exercise to help you heal yourself with regards to this, namely to recall the feeling of being relaxed about money from a time in your life from the past, and the more you get into the feeling, the more you will heal your body.