HEALTH – S03E03 – Investigating The Health Records Of Your Soul

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Today’s Topic: Finding Deeper Causes To Health Issues – Part 3

Being Happier Podcast

Investigating The Health Records Of Your Soul

It can seem like one of the worst things in the world, a baby being born with a serious health problem or shortly developing one within a year or two of it’s life. What did they do to deserve it..? It’s so unfair..! An understandable and natural reaction. It can be a very distressing event for the family also because of all the extra work that needs to go into caring for the baby, often a very exhausting lifestyle. A regular healthy baby scenario has enough problems by itself.

With this subject, at least for the moment, we need to delved into the realms of the metaphysical, because the physical world with its answers, can feel highly unsatisfactory. We need to look at the history of the soul and it’s not just this lifetime that the baby’s soul is experiencing. No soul comes to earth with an entirely clean slate and nothing to work on- what would be the need of incarnating?

The ill baby from conception or very early in their life, is not the victim of bad luck or unfortunate circumstances, there are no accidents. That is a big concept to get across to some people but other people reading this, might fully comprehend it straight away, the fact that there are no accidents.

If we keep going with the idea that there are no accidents, the baby’s soul knows there are issues to work out in this lifetime, through being ill, as well as issues to sort out with the parents and vice versa.

The parents of the baby and the baby, have all known each other before in other lifetimes, whether the baby is healthy or not. In the event that the baby has a serious health problem, it reflects matters still unresolved from another life where the baby and parents in this life, knew each other before but in a different set of circumstances.

It is a general thing that there are issues to be resolved from previous lifetimes and they are not always resolved through illness. Some souls, some babies, some parents, choose to resolve their karmic issues through ill health and other souls choose to sort out their issues in other ways: financial and creative challenges as examples.

There is much more to be said on this matter, which I’ll address in future articles and recordings, but for the moment do keep your chin up if you or somebody else are experiencing problems of this nature, or if you are simply interested in this subject. There are many more satisfactory answers to explain how and why the ill health of the baby came to be. The discussion therein can be extremely confronting although definitely helpful and enlightening.