HEALTH – Physical Imbalances Caused By Emotional Pain

Today’s Topic: Finding Deeper Causes To Health Issues – Part 4

Physical Imbalances Caused By Emotional Pain: Judged Or Supported, Determined By Physical Expression

The first part of this article, I’ll talk about how emotional energy gets interpreted into physical illness. The second part of this article, I’ll talk about the manner in which you express your emotions, determine the form of the physical problem and how that gets received by others.

In Western society in particular, it’s almost an obsession to appear outwardly, physically flawless. There’s a fair amount of judgment aimed at your friend who has an external physical problem, but the internal physical problem for your relative is not seen, but they appear well presented and that’s all that counts…?

But what if your relative’s internal physical problem was expressed externally, how well presented would they look then? And would your friend with major skin issues really want to swap with your relative who’s experiencing back pain, because at least that way, nobody can see it? How about we get into all this in more detail…

When you have imbalanced physical energy, it can express itself internally or externally. Why am I calling it imbalanced physical energy and not a disease? Because any physical illness, ailment, pain, disorder or disease is =energy= that is =not balanced=.

Firstly, what drives your physical energy to be imbalanced in the first place? Physical energy becomes imbalanced when you’re suffering emotionally. You’re probably not an expert at expressing your emotional pain or anger in healthy ways, so your body is left to tell you that you have emotional pain, by showing physical imbalances.

When emotional pain is not acknowledged, felt or supported, it becomes unbalanced. Emotional energy that’s unbalanced can express itself in two main ways: emotionally, where the person has communication problems; and physically, where the person gets sick.

Physical imbalances can take a variety of forms. If your emotions tick x and y boxes, you’re likely to have z illness, if your emotions tick ‘a’ and ‘b’ boxes, you’re likely to have ‘c’ illness. Physical imbalances can also express themselves in your body in external ways that are seen, or internal ways that are unseen.

How is it that your friend’s physical energy imbalance cause a visible weight issue, skin problems and bruising; while for your relative, their physical energy imbalance cause unseen sleep problems, blood problems, head pain, backpain and other organ malfunctions?

You have to come back to your emotional state to explain what’s going on in your body. If you internalize your feelings, you’re more likely to express your physical imbalances internally, while if you externalize your feelings, you’re more likely to express your physical imbalances externally. Let’s examine this internalizing and externalizing of your feelings a little more.

If your physical appearance is very important to you, if you prefer to be well presented, polite to others and seem stable and reasonable to others, you’re more likely to internalize your feelings, and therefore manifest internal physical problems.

If you feel that it’s important for other people to know or notice what you feel and think, despite the circumstance or the company, you’re more likely to externalize your feelings and manifest external physical problems. This is just one angle to take on energy expression in the body.

Even as you read the above, you might see parts of yourself in both descriptions. You might be internal in certain circumstances and external in other circumstances. Perhaps you are not aware of how you might express your emotions, but your friends and relatives could shed some light there 😉

In some ways, it’s better out than in. Energetically, you’re better off having something physically wrong with you that you can see, because you just have to look at it to know how healed you might be.

If you have some internal problem that you can’t see, you can’t just pull out your organ to check the progress of its healing. You will probably have to submit yourself to a series of tests that may or may not find the problem, and the results of which may or may not be conclusive.

But you might think that your relative is better off because they can still look great in a dinner suit, because it’s better that you can’t tell that they’re unwell, with a tumor. You might think that your friend is worse off because their eczema problems help them look unattractive in their ball gown.

Are some physical imbalances preferrable to others? This can’t be chosen, but does your friend get judged more for their acne than your relative gets judged for their irritable bladder? Generally, your friend will get judged more, because their imbalance can be ‘seen’ as opposed to unseen… Is this fair?
How about if we reverse the scenario… what if the internal physical imbalance became external for everybody to see…? How attractive would your relative look in her swim suit, if she had her stomach ulcer on the outside of her body? How attractive would your relative look in his gym clothes, if he had his throat cancer visibly exposed?

External expressions of physical imbalances get blamed and the person who has it is bad somehow. Your friend’s overweight and you shouldn’t feel sorry for her, but your relative has gallstones but you should feel sorry for him?

If I draw your attention back to physical imbalances are caused by emotional pain, then your friend who overeats is experiencing emotional pain and your relative who has gallstones, is experiencing emotional pain. So why is your friend at fault for being overweight, but your relative is not at fault for having gall stones? Why is your friend criticized for being overweight, while your relative receives sympathy for his condition?

Internal physical imbalances are given sympathy, while external physical imbalances are judged. However, both external and internal expressions of physical imbalances are caused by emotional pain.

The emotional pain of your friend and relative, need to be considered equally. Your friend should not be criticized because she has an external physical imbalance that is seen, while your relative receives sympathy because he has an internal physical imbalance that is not seen.

Also, your relative only looks better in a swimsuit because her imbalance is internal, but what if it the same internal imbalance became externally expressed? How would your relative feel and be treated then?

Understand how emotional energy works, understand how physical energy works. Some expressions are seen, some are unseen, emotional pain can’t necessarily be judged or supported depending on how it is physically expressed.