HEALTH – S03E05 – Get Out Of The Way Of Your Healing

Series: Finding Deeper Causes To Health Issues – Part 5

“Get Out Of The Way Of Your Healing!”

This message is about how healing occurs, in terms of the rate of healing and its dependence on the state of a person’s thoughts.

If somebody is recovering from an accident or operation, they are likely to have lots of thoughts about their recovery. Animals don’t have those thoughts about their recovery… I just want to make a sharp comparison that is most obvious in the example of a human recovering from an accident or operation as compared to an animal.

A dog recovering from a broken leg isn’t going to be thinking “will I recover from this accident? Will I be ok? Maybe I’m healing too slowly? Something more must be wrong with me… What if I get an infection? What if I can’t do x or y activity again?”. A human would be thinking the aforementioned thoughts, not animals. Yes animals have certain thoughts because they’re animals, and humans have certain thoughts because they’re humans. But what has that got to do with healing?

Animals don’t grow negative and morose like humans do. Humans destroy themselves with all sorts of thoughts about things that can go wrong, with everything, including their healing.

The rate of healing depends on how much a person allows it to occur, by just leaving the body to do its thing and not think about it. The rate of healing also depends on how negative or positive a person feels about it.

Get Out Of The Way Of Your Healing

If a person is feeling negative and sorry for themselves, their rate of healing is likely to be slower and more painful. If they’re feeling positive about their healing and if they allow their body to take care of things, they’re more likely to heal quicker and with less scarring and other complications.

Feeling sorry for ourselves is a big one. When a person goes into a ‘poor me’ frame of mind and being, it slows the healing down. A happy, positive frame of mind speeds up healing.

If a person is going to heal the best way possible, it would serve them to be like an animal is toward its healing. Animals let healing occur, they don’t think about it; they continue being their usual self; they don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves or count how many callers they’ve had.

If a human is going to heal well or even speed up their healing, they need to get out of their own way. They need to have a positive outlook and control their negative thoughts and not buy into them.

Every thought a person has affects their body and their world in positive or negative ways. Let’s support ourselves with healing, positive thoughts for a quick recovery and a healthy body.