Do You Achieve Or Sabotage? The Key Is…

From “The Healing Show” Audio Series #12: How To Accomplish Your Goals

This is a fascinating message that if you can come to grips with it and apply it to your life, you can help heal from most of your problems. I’m talking about obscure things that most of us don’t think about which are the emotions that were regularly played out in our childhood by our parents.

For example, the feelings that dominated my childhood were sadness, anxiety, conflict and manipulation. I watched my parents behave in these ways between each other and with me, but mainly I learnt it from seeing how my Mum and Dad were sad, anxious, being angry and manipulative. They were constantly in those states and it was how I learnt to behave.

past and parental conditioning

I learnt to be anxious, I learnt how to argue, I learnt how to be sad and feel manipulated. I copied and pasted these emotions into my relationships and sometimes into my work environment.
Even if I wasn’t the one who caused the conflict, even though I wasn’t manipulating another or causing anxiety or sadness, I attracted people who caused me to feel that, particularly in one relationship in the past where all these elements were active.

So we learn a feeling pattern, we adopt it and we play it out in our life, if not by our own hand, we’ll attract a relationship or a boss or another significant other, who will cause us to feel the way we observed our parents to be growing up.

This means that if you’re talented, creative and intelligent in various ways and not succeeding in life, it’s because you’re repeating the patterns that were instilled in you by your parents. This also means that if you’re progressing well in life then wonder why it halts, it’s because you’re reigniting an old pattern from childhood because that’s what you’re familiar with. You’re not yet aware that you’re repeating your programming without necessity.

The more you can reflect and remember and be aware of the dominant feelings of your parents growing up, the more likely you are to break out of the emotions you’re replicating from childhood and thus achieve and succeed in life.