Healing Emotional Childhood Memories – Part 2

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Today’s Topic: Healing Emotional Childhood Memories – Part 2

Being Happier Podcast

“Inner Child Healing Heals Everything!”

Inner Child Healing is not just for people who are ‘into that sort of thing’ or for people who ‘clearly have issues’ or even for people who are interested in inner child healing in general. The applications for Inner Child Healing are wider and deeper and more surprising than most people would ever realise.

Firstly, you don’t just do inner child healing once, through a course or from a relevant book. You’re never done with inner child healing, it’s an ongoing process which never really stops, because life never stops. Did you actively address your inner child healing years ago, but not properly re-addressed it in recent times?

You have come to be an adult: behaviors, beliefs and perspectives, due to the conditioning you experienced from your parents. Your parents received conditioning from their parents and back and back it goes.

Conditioning can be described as:
things that are very heavily ingrained and deeply impressed on our mind and being;
it ends up controlling everything we do in our personal, professional and creative lives;
it happens automatically, verbally and silently, physically but not necessarily;
it occurs mostly unconsciously;
it’s a behaviour and thinking that gets reinforced constantly, in every way, in every place and in every circumstance you can imagine, seemingly, without effort.

Most of the conditioning you receive between 0 and 6 years of age, will be imprinted into your being forever, less so the more you address your conditioning. The conditioning you experience when you’re very young, will get repeated into your adolescence, as a young adult, mature adult and continues into the later years.

As an example, if you experienced a close friendship at 3, but then that friend suddenly stopped coming round… being a 3 year old, you didn’t think to ask why, you just accepted it… but you felt really sad… nobody asked you how you were feeling so therefore you didn’t get any emotional support… and you were seemingly left without a friend, maybe there were no friends after that… and there starts the pattern that repeats through your life:
You form a pattern from your childhood about friendships and emotional support, that follows you in all sorts of different circumstances.
In order to improve your friendships as an adult, the experiences when you were young needs to be addressed and healed.

You might become interested in doing Inner Child Healing when you run into relationship problems.

A child learns about their definition of love and how a relationship functions, from their parents: how the parents behave with each other and how the parents behaved with the child. Even if both parents are not around, the child will be influenced by the adults who frequent their life.

So Benita, if I have relationship issues, how can they be solved by healing my emotional childhood memories?

One of my answers would be: if you’ve experienced trauma and drama in your family growing up, it will reflect in your relationship experiences. Your relationship is likely to have trauma and drama within them, because that’s what you’re used to. If you can heal some of your past, you’re more likely to have relationships with less trauma and drama in them. Wouldn’t that be great!

You might become interested in Inner Child Healing because you are currently experiencing health problems.

As an example, a child learns how to address health issues from their parents and guardians. If the parent addresses their health issue by going to natural healing and health practitioners, the child when they become an adult is likely to do something similar.

If the parent heals or doesn’t heal, take a short time or takes a long time to recover from a physical problem, the child now an adult, is likely to copy that at least sometimes.

What if you’re having problems with fellow students at school or colleagues at work, or with your superiors? What has inner child healing have to do with that?

If everybody in your external world, are a reflection of one or both of your parents, then the problem you’re having with a colleague is the same problem you’ve experienced with your parent… If you can try to heal your child experiences with that parent, then potentially, your work life will be more smooth and enjoyable.

The general things that need to be looked at when you do inner child healing is how much attention did you or didn’t you get? Were you ignored? Was you opinion respected? Were you punished and was justified or unjustified? Could you speak up or were you meant to be silent? Were you allowed to be a child or did your parents rely on you?

To conclude, the problems that you might be having in your health, work, friendship or relationship life, have their roots in your childhood, so if you want to fix those adult departments of your life, go back and heal your childhood.