Healing Emotional Childhood Memories – Part 4

Series: Healing Emotional Childhood Memories – Part 4

Being Happier Podcast“Want A Break From Being An Adult?”

The moments might come at odd times, maybe you’ve experienced it recently, maybe you have these feelings regularly or maybe not often at all, but when they come… boy, do they grip you! What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the moments when you feel that being an adult is too hard and you want a break! The moments when you don’t want to look after yourself all the time; you don’t want to tidy and cook and shop for yourself all the time; you don’t want to deal with bills or work or the world, it feels too much.

I’m not referring to passing feelings of this nature, we’ve all had those, I’m more specifically referring to a -longing- within you -yearning- to be looked after by a wealthy relative or friend who will cook and clean and look after you and make you feel happy and comfortable.

Maybe somebody has done this for you at some point in your life, maybe you know somebody who actually has one of these types of relatives or friends and you feel it’s unfair that they have a person like that while you don’t. You wonder if other people feel what you feel, about wanting a break from being an adult…

If you’re feeling this way, if you have a longing and a yearning to be looked after, your inner child needs healing. The child within you, is stronger than the adult within you.

It’s the child part of you that wants to be looked after, that wants somebody else to be strong and responsible. Therefore, it’s the child part of you that hasn’t been attended to yet.

Longing and yearning to be taken care of, is not just an indication that your inner child needs healing, but that you’re also ready to heal. The child in you is feeling unsafe and weak and it can feel very destabilizing.

You will enjoy your adult responsibilities and not require a break from them when:

  • You’re feeling like an adult deeply at your core;
  • When your adult self is stronger than your unhealed child self;
  • When you have attended your wounded inner child and acknowledged and felt your feelings from the past;
  • When your inner child feels protected and understood, the feeling of being an adult is welcomed.

The longing feelings for somebody to look after you, show that you’re actually longing for a deep strength within yourself. Ultimately you want to feel that -you- can nurture and care for yourself better than anybody else can.