Realizations Create Fast Positive Change

“Healing Insights” with Benita

When you have a realization, you will instantly create a whole new reality in your life- within your body, within your environment, with every situation and with all the people you know.

A realization is that “ah-ha” moment when something suddenly occurs to you to help you understand something. To have realizations, you need awareness, to build awareness, you can use this meditation:

Hear the words “I Am” over and over in your mind, breathe slow and deep in through your nose, out through your mouth and bring all the focus to your heart, holding a crystal at your heart will help a lot too.

As you do meditation, your awareness will increase which will lead you to have realizations, that will stop the things that you don’t want, from happening and you will move toward to reality you want, automatically. You’re reality will improve quickly and for the better.