Be Authentic, Be Real, Be Who You Are

“Healing Insights” with Benita

Be ‘Authentic’ = Be Real !

Look like you, not somebody else. Walk like you, not like somebody else. Be the age you’re at- not younger or older. Be who you are, not because “being authentic” is “in” at the moment, but because you want to be real.

You might feel fake in yourself, somehow. You might be observing the life of a loved one and you can see that who they’re presenting to the world, isn’t who they are. You or your loved one, is enough.

You are enough without being tough, without the glitz, without the happy-life-is-fine, face. You are ok as you are now.

Growing and developing is great, important and ‘should’ always be a priority- I’m not saying don’t improve yourself. But the more real you can be to yourself, the more real people you will attract into your work, friendship, relationship and creative life.