What Happens When Medication Doesn’t Work?

From “The Healing Show” Series #03: Finding Deeper Causes to Health Issues

We’ve all been sick before. When you’re little, your parents or guardians looked after you, maybe took you to see somebody who could help you get better. As an adult, you do the same for yourself: you may seek a natural therapist or you might seek a conventional therapist, maybe at the doctor’c clinic.

When you see a doctor, they generally give you a prescription for pills to help you get better. You take the pills and generally they work, but sometimes they don’t work. What’s going on…? Why don’t the pills work sometimes? The explanation I’m going to give, is purely from a metaphysical, energetic and spiritual point of view, and not from a medical or scientific point of view.

Understanding that our health is determined by own our thoughts and feelings, and not by some accident of nature, can seem far-fetched. Hopefully this rings true, or perhaps from listening or reading some of my other material on the subject, you might believe that is possible.

Having negative thoughts and feelings isn’t necessarily your fault. Somebody could have triggered you to feel so angry or upset, that you get so stressed about it and get sick. While we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and feelings, we don’t deliberately go round seeking opportunities that will have a negative effect on us. Life happens. If we were all surrounded by positive people and positive circumstances all the time, then most of us would be in good health!

As it is the case that positive thoughts and feelings create good health, and negative thoughts and feelings create ill health, we end up seeking the help of a health professional when we have become negative somehow.

Sometimes seeing a natural therapist isn’t possible, perhaps seeing a doctor is necessary. Doctors usually give you a script for medication to help you heal. But what if you don’t heal…? Here are several scenarios to explain why you don’t heal from medication:

  1. When you have negative thoughts and feelings, you create ‘bad’ chemicals in your body, that manifest as ill health. Medication is also chemicals. If the chemicals you take in the form of pills, override the bad chemicals in your body, then you are likely to heal and get on with your life.
  2. If you take pills to help you heal and they work, all well and good. But if you get sick again, you generally blame the pills for not working. What’s really happened is that your negative thoughts and feelings have returned, therefore you need to take the pills again. To be clear, if your negative thoughts and feelings didn’t return, you wouldn’t need to take pills again. But if they do return, you need the pills again. It’s you that’s doing it.
  3. If your negative thoughts and feelings change, then the pills you were taking won’t work as well, or they won’t work anymore. You will need new pills to address your new or altered negative thoughts and feelings.
  4. If your negative thoughts and feelings are there every day because your issues are not resolved, then you might need pills everyday to help you go on. Whether you know what your issues are or not, the fact remains that if your issues are not resolved, then you are likely to be ill, to some extent, every day.
  5. If your negative thoughts and feelings get stronger, then the pills you take will need to be increased in frequency and or strength. Again, if your negative thoughts and feelings were not getting stronger, then you would not need to take more or stronger pills. You could stay on the ones you were on.If you’re boiling over with unresolved issues that you require stronger medication to keep the lid on things.
  6. The worst case scenario (it’s not actually the worst, but it can seem that way) is when medication doesn’t work, it can’t help our pain or ill health. Your negative thoughts and feelings have got too strong. Your own bad chemicals have got too strong and are now overriding the strength of (the external chemicals) the pills you’re taking.

At this point, you might think ‘”oh no… I’m going to be sick forever… what will become of me…?”.

We all need reminding:
We are POWERFUL enough to CREATE a health issue, therefore, we are powerful enough to CORRECT it, or UNDO it and we need to remember this for life.

Your ill health is because your thoughts and feelings have become negative. You need help to address that. Ideally, energetic healers and spiritual counsellors will help you to uncover what’s causing your energy to be negative. If it’s not possible to see such practitioners, then you need to do all in your power to eat healthy and be happy.

You need to talk to friends or family about why you might be angry and upset. You need to get support and have your feelings acknowledged. You need to seek places and or people and or activities that help you feel happy and light. The happier you are, the better your health will be.

When medication doesn’t work, you can heal your health, by addressing the negative thoughts and feelings you experience with people who truly support you.