RELATIONSHIPS – Good Enough To Sleep With, But Not Good Enough To Call

How To Attract A Better Relationship – Part 3

Am I Good Enough To Sleep With, But Not Good Enough To Call?

It was not until the late 90s did people have mobile phones and communication has changed a lot since then. You could go through your day and not have to hear a phone ring unless you were at home or in your office. Nowadays everybody is on their phones texting all the time. But in romantic relationships, texts are ok for a while, then they become unacceptable.

You need to feel good about having and enforcing communication standards. Receiving a text can feel a bit disrespectful and not caring enough.

(For argument’s sake, I’ll explain this coming from her viewpoint, but it can just as easily come from his) ‘She’ might feel I’m good enough to sleep with but not good enough to call. And so she should feel that way. Women need to feel good about their feelings being important, and if she feels he’s being lazy, he probably is and that needs to change.

People often get very anxious about text messaging. There are all kinds of rules and games for when they’re sent and time between texts, etc. Just call. Texts are good sometimes to break the ice or introduce difficult subjects but they can’t stay on that level.

Sometimes ‘he’ is feeling stuck or guilty or chicken to call and he may not even reply to a text and that’s not ok. I outline a way of testing a good relationship and good communication and I measure it in terms of the number of calls you should get in a week.

Communication is very important and calls need to happen to maintain a good connection between a couple and people are happier in general when communication is present.