RELATIONSHIPS – Letting Go of Old Energy from Your Past

How To Attract A Better Relationship – Part 4

Letting Go of Old Energy from Your Past.

This message is recorded on Valentine’s Day, which may not have a special significance for you, especially as you may not be listening to this message on Valentine’s Day.

The fact that it is Valentine’s Day today is just convenient for the point of my message, but it could just as easily be another important date on the calendar that reminds you of being single or reminds you of being in a relationship.

Maybe the significant day for you, is your birthday or New Years or some other date, that reminds you of your current relationship status. I’m just using Valentine’s Day to draw your attention to the person you’re with or not with anymore. Maybe you haven’t been with that person for many years.

The focus today is for you to be in the present. Are you single right now, in the present? Are you in a relationship right now, in the present? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, look around for what proof that you are actually living in the present.What physical item do you still have from your past, that shows you that your ex, or a memory of a romantic loved one, is still ‘around’ in some way.

The example I give in this recording is jewellery, because it tends to be one of the most personal things that will instantly remind you of an ex, or somebody you used to like or love. Given that jewellery (or other romantically nostalgic items) will instantly remind you of an ex, these items are especially important to address because you will inevitably have so many memories and feelings and thoughts attached to them.

You need to be very clear that all these attachments and memories are all from a different time. This is my main point… the item/s from the ex, were from a different time… And you need to be present to attract a new and better relationship or to honor and improve the one you are currently in.

How can you prove to yourself that you are in the present and really single and not getting over a past relationship? How can you prove to yourself that you are in the present and really in a new relationship (that may have been long established) ? I’m suggesting to get rid of actual items from the past, namely jewellery, that remind you of an old, personal connection.

I’m not saying getting rid of actual items from the past is the only way to let go of the past, nor am I saying you have to get rid of everything straight away that is from your past, but… a physical clearing out is a very powerful tool towards attracting a better relationship!

Let go of a particular piece of jewellery from the past so that the old energy attached to it, can be removed from your living space. Just because the stuff is in a box, in a cupboard in a room that you hardly go into, doesn’t necessarily mean you can forget about it.

If you don’t have jewellery, then you may want to let go of some clothes from the ex, or some furniture, or photos or an ornament. It all still counts.

Attract a better relationship into your life if you are single, by letting go of physical items from the past, to prove to your self that you are here and now. That energy will go out into the universe and the better relationship will come to you that much quicker.

Improve a current relationship and create a more intimate bond with your partner, by letting go of jewellery (or other items) from the past, to prove to yourself that you are here and now with the person you’re having a relationship with. Any blocks in your intimacy will be reduced, if you can physically let go of things from your ex.

Some people may not want to let go of expensive jewellery because of just that reason, because it was worth a lot of money. If so… sell it? Porn it? Give it away as a present?

If you don’t want anybody to have your jewellery (or another item) then perhaps you want to throw it into a river or ocean or valley? Then it gets lost… it disappears… and is never to be found again. The old, dies…

You may experience fear or courage with this exercise, but at least think about how you can let go and be more in the present. There are other ways of letting go of the past which I’ll talk about in other podcasts on this subject.

For now, consider the huge impact personal items like jewellery from an ex, can have on your fully being in the present.