How To Have Peace And Joy At Christmas

From “The Healing Show”

8 Ways To Have Peace And Joy At Christmas

My suggestions in this message were discussed in detail on my radio program 96.5 Inner Fm on alternate Tuesdays, but I’ll summarize them for you here 🙂

My ideas for peace and joy is not just for Christmas, but can be implemented for other special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or whatever your culture or society celebrate or gather for.

The main message is to let peace and enJOYment be the reason why you do or don’t do certain things at Christmas. Let peace be your motivating force, let enjoyment be the deciding factor.

Let yourself feel free, like Christmas belongs to you, take time out for silence, to reflect on the year, eat and drink and gift give according to your preferences, breathe while driving, say no if you can’t make it to something, be with the joy in children.

Abundance and prosperity to you. Well done on your year 😀 !