How To Heal Sleep – Part 2

Today’s Topic: How To Heal Sleep – Part 2

“Is poor sleep affecting your diet?”

Sleep deprivation doesn’t just affect your day or your energy, your diet tends to get negatively affected, as does your weight potentially.

When you’re tired you don’t care what you eat, so long as it’s fast, cause your patience tends to be less when you’re low on sleep as well.

Discipline is hard to maintain if you’re super tired and cooking healthy meals like you know you should and waiting an extra 40 mins for the brown rice to cook can feel a bit of an ask. You tend to reach for food high in fat, sugar or salt because you need a hit of energy quickly to help yourself stay awake.

Sleep deprivation causes you to eat at stupid times as well. You might have breakfast at 3pm or dinner at 2am and your stomach clock goes out as well as your sleep clock. If you’ve had sleep deprivation, no matter what the period of time, try to stop your poor eating habits as soon as possible.

Vegies by themselves and fruit by themselves are easier for the body to digest if you’re eating late. Prepare ahead of time for the weak moments you’re likely to have with food, and buy healthy snacks ready to eat.

You want to look good in 5 or 10 or 20 years time. You need to eat for your body, not eat for your mouth. How can you act sooner than later, to ensure you achieve that?