How To Heal Sleep – Part 3

How To Heal Sleep – Part 3

Massage Your Feet

This exercise is really important for those evenings when you don’t have the energy to go out on a walk to achieve balancing your energy, you can sit at home and help to balance your energy by massaging your feet.

Balancing your energy and sleep go together, because it’s when energy is imbalanced and there’s an accumulation of it in one area (mainly felt in our mind) the prevents you getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Imagine a sea-saw with a heavy bag weighing down one end of it, full of too many thoughts and other distressing things. The other end of the sea saw is in the air, your feet, or the lower half of your body. We need weight or energy at the other end of the sea saw, the other end of your body, so there can be balance (and sleep!).

Massaging your feet to help yourself sleep is not an all problem-solving method that will fix your sleep entirely. I’m suggesting it more as part of your strategies or evening routine. You may actually respond to a foot massage sooner than not and your sleep might be improved earlier than you think, or perhaps you don’t notice the positive effects of this exercise for a while. It depends on the individual.

A foot massage just before you go to sleep will indeed help to balance your energy and when your energy is balanced, there is more chance of getting to sleep and staying there.