How To Heal Sleep – Part 5

Series: How To Heal Sleep – Part 5

“Heal Your Sleep With This Meditation That Works.”

You’ve arrived…! Hello! Let’s talk about what you’ve always wanted, a specific thing you can do to improve your sleep that WORKS!!! It’s called meditation, but not just any meditation: The Breathing, Heart Focus, I Am meditation method.

If you want to go to sleep and stay asleep and wake refreshed, do this meditation everyday and over time you WILL achieve the sleep you want. At the least, your sleep WILL improve.

I have outlined this meditation method under the heading: How To Meditate At Home, but I’ll repeat it here anyway, using the context of sleep to explain the impact of this powerful meditation. Also because, some people who have a sleep problem won’t necessarily look into meditation as a way of solving it.

You need to develop peace, calm, stillness and well being in yourself and it can’t be obtained from anybody or anything ‘out there’ as such. And you can develop this peace in the practice of and through the discipline of this meditation.

The things that are going to keep you awake the most, are problems with loved ones, but not forgetting the general sense of having way too many thoughts in your head and not being able to slow down. This meditation will achieve your slowing d…o…w…n.

It can be so enormously frustrating, not having slept properly for months or maybe years. You can feel like you’re at the end of your energy and patience with everything, you’re praying for a break, you’re gonna go nuts. I get it! Help yourself by implementing this meditation immediately and daily.

It has three components:
Breathing- inhaling through your nose, stomach inflates, exhaling through your mouth, stomach deflates and keeping that rhythm going;
Heart- focusing on the space at your chest where your heart is, bringing your attention there. Not at the top of your chest, but toward the bottom, in the middle, but not so far down that you’re at your stomach;
I Am- hearing the words “I Am” in your mind over and over, silently, while at the same time, breathing and focusing on your heart.

You can listen to all the different ways those three components are effective in How To Meditate At Home and in those future recordings, or for the moment, you can just take my word for it.

Just to touch on it, the words ‘I Am’ are very powerful, there’s peace in your heart and the breathing will settle your body and get you out of your head.

You might not notice a dramatic improvement in your sleep after doing this meditation once, but you WILL notice your sleep improving over time by doing this meditation daily.

If meditating isn’t normal for you, if you have problems sitting still and being in one place and not ‘doing’ anything, it might take you a while to get these aspects of yourself in order before the meditation can take effect to heal your sleep.

Start with as many minutes as you can each day, but you will need to do this meditation for -at least- 5 minutes =every= day in order to get results. Start with 1 minute, then work up to 3, then 5, potentially 20 minutes a day will be the ultimate. But just start where you can, it’s not a race and no force or strain required 😉

As your sleep heals, you’ll be able to do all those things that ‘normal’ people seem to do: have focus and energy and interest in life again. You’ll feel such relief and happiness when you’re sleep improves and everything will feel easier. So… get into it… breathing, heart focus, I Am meditation.