How To Heal Sleep – Part 7

Series: How To Heal Sleep – Part 7

“Meditation Not Healing Your Sleep Fast Enough?”

In a previous message about healing your sleep, I talked about a meditation that works for sleep problems.

Listen to that episode here » Meditation for a Better Nights Sleep

You may be doing this meditation, but you could also be wondering what you’re doing wrong because your sleep is not improving at the rate you want.

There a few aspects to the meditation that you must adhere to, if it’s going to work for you:

  1. You must do it daily;
  2. You will probably need to increase the time to more than my recommended 5 minutes;
  3. You need to focus properly on all the components;
  4. You have to -want- to do this, in general.

1) Daily Meditation.

This meditation will help you get out of your head, where all the worries are! It will help you achieve the peace you need within yourself, in order to have a better sleep.

The peace within you, needs to be built up to a level that will cause improved sleep. I can’t say what this level is for you, everybody is different. This is why meditation needs to be done daily, in order to achieve the level of peace necessary, as fast as possible.

Practicing meditation, is like working a muscle. If you don’t work a muscle, it’s not going to strengthen. Every day that you don’t do muscle strengthening exercises, your muscle generally deteriorates.

Just like strengthening a muscle, when you don’t practice meditation daily, especially for the purposes of improving your sleep, the strength of your inner peace drops. If your inner peace drops below a certain level, you’re not going to experience improved sleep as a result of meditation.

Daily practice of meditation will imbed peace within you to a deeper level.

2) How many minutes of meditation are you doing?

I initially recommended five minutes, because most people aren’t used to meditating.

Five minutes is more achievable and an easier time to concentrate for.

You will probably need to increase the time you meditate for, from five minutes to ten or higher, because the peace within you might not be building to the necessary levels at five minutes daily.

I wouldn’t jump from five minutes to thirty minutes (my recommended daily maximum) of daily meditation, because you need to work w-i-t-h yourself on this, and increase the length of time slowly and incrementally. No use doing meditation for thirty minutes, if most of the time, you can’t focus on what you’re doing. You’re better off just doing ten minutes properly.

Most people who meditate as a serious practice, whether for improving sleep or not, do more than five minutes. And most of these people will tell you, that meditation for five minutes a day, can’t properly achieve what you want.

3) Each meditation component is necessary to focus on properly.

If you’re going to build the necessary level of peace that’s needed to sleep better, all components of the meditation need to be done, and simultaneously.

If you’re sitting there, trying to concentrate in your meditation and you’re focusing on one element but forgetting the other two elements, it won’t work as well for you. You may as well not do the meditation if you’re going to allow yourself to wander in your mind, sorry to sound harsh, but it’s true.

You need to sit down for your meditation with the clear intention that you are going to focus as best you can, for the required time you choose. Having that intention will make a difference, believe me.

BREATHING – Proper breathing needs to be done throughout: inhaling through your nose, stomach inflating like a balloon and exhaling through your mouth.

HEART FOCUS – Determined attention on your heart: your mind needs to be there, at your heart, at your chest.

I AM – Repeating the words I Am silently in your mind: as simple as these words are, they can get slurred and suddenly feel hard to ‘hear’ internally. But they need to be said clearly, while doing the other two components, all at the same time.

It can sound like a lot, but that’s what people think when they first learn to drive a car. Over time, you know what to do and how to do it better.

4) You have to WANT TO do this self care for yourself to help heal your sleep.

You could pop pills and see expensive specialists and generally look outward for the so-called answers to better sleep, but you’re left with yourself at the end of the day and you need to discover w=h=a=t you’re doing right to heal yourself, by yourself.

Self reliance is a harder road to follow, but much more rewarding in the long run, because it builds strength and fulfillment in ways that following easier roads will never achieve. Well done if you are trying to heal your sleep naturally.

By following the suggestions above, you’re likely to improve your sleep because you’re taking this whole matter seriously and your desire to heal is your vehicle to get you there.

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