How To Maintain A Spiritual Life – Part 3

Series: How To Maintain A Spiritual Life

The Conflict Between Spirituality and Unconsciousness

Unconsciousness is generally experienced when you:
Hang out for; are dying to have; crave; have an urge for; must have before you continue with your day; your day doesn’t feel complete without; when you take the easy, default or ‘normal’ option of eating, drinking or substance choices; won’t think twice about buying; will deliberately travel for; the recipe doesn’t work if missing…

What is happening here is unconsciousness and it probably consists of at least one of the following:

  • Drinking caffeine;
  • Drinking alcohol;
  • Taking recreational drugs;
  • Taking pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Eating animals;
  • Eating (any) animal products; and
  • Smoking.

Unconsciousness will tell you that if you have anything on the unconscious list: a lot or a little, it’s ok.

Uncosnciousness will always tell you that unconscious habits are ok, even if occasional or under special circumstances.

The Conflict Between Spirituality and Unconsciousness

You can be a ‘generally spiritual’ person and engage in unconsciousness. You and I know people who are like this: they drink coffee, but they go to spiritual development courses; they smoke but they give or receive energetic healings: they eat meat but they read the Tarot or they seem to know what will happen before it happens but they take hash.

The ‘but’ doesn’t make the person bad, it just makes them unconscious. They still have a good heart 😉

To be truly spiritual, you can’t engage in unconsciousness, not even a little bit. Awareness and realizations are squashed, distorted, impeded and dismissed with unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is not awareness and awareness is a fundamental part of being spiritual, so unconsciousness and spirituality don’t go together.

Unconsciousness says do as I say, not do as I do and that’s ok.

Unconsciousness says I talk my walk, or I walk my talk sometimes or most of the time and that’s ok.

Unconsciousness does =not= say I walk my talk ALL the time, only FULL consciousness says that.

The straight and narrow is not a path that most people follow. It’s hard, it takes discipline, you need to maintain spiritual practices, you need support. Sure, I really do get it…

But to truly adopt a spiritual life…To take yourself out of the matrix:

  • To do personal growth work and address your emotional issues;
  • To maximise your connection with your higher self, spirit guides, the angels, the universe;
  • To act on guidance and intuition, then a-p-p-l-y it to your life and move forward in ways that nobody you know is doing, you need to be FULLY CONSCIOUS.

Congratulate yourself if you are already doing spiritual things, well done! But do challenge yourself to improve and to ultimately live a fully conscious life.