How To Cleanse Your House (part 3)

From “The Healing Show” Series #05: How to Maintain a Spiritual Life

Plenty of us have a problem room in our house, a space that is to waste, which we could be using for something important to do with our professional, creative or personal development.

To reference another recording about using one candle to wake up a room that feels stuck or lifeless, this message is about speeding up the whole process by using lots of candles in the same problem room.

There are many little sections of a room where different stuff is kept. Each of these sections build up with more issues over time, therefore, each of these sections needs a separate little candle near them to clear the stuck energy.


  • You could have lots of unsorted stuff in cupboards- place a candle or two near there;
  • There might be draws of receipts that need organising – place a candle near there;
  • You might have some important folders that have gone unopened for ages- place a candle near there;
  • There might be shelves that are stacked up so heavily with heaps of different things- place a candle or two near there… and so on.
  • In every part of the room where there’s an issue, place a candle nearby.

It doesn’t have to be a room that is jam packed with stuff, it could be a room that feels uncomfortably empty- put some candles in the center of the room, in the corners and near the windows and doors. The energy of the fire will start burning up the old energy straight away.

I had just one candle burning in my problem room for a half day, almost every day for about 4 to 6 weeks. One morning after about 6 weeks, I was struck! I had to bring it to order straight away! When I’d finished, I looked back at it and felt proud. I couldn’t remember when I’d last seen it so usable and spacious. If one candle can do that, imagine what 5 to 10 candles in one room can do!

The more candles in a room, the faster the clearing, attending to issue, sorting and organising will naturally happen. The room becomes so much easier to deal with. You’ll notice yourself want to get your life moving with the help of many candles in the same problem room.

How To Cleanse Your House part 2

From “The Healing Show” Series #05: How To Maintain A Spiritual Life.

=How To Bring A Room Alive=

Which room in your house do you want to bring alive? How could you be avoiding a certain room? We need to reclaim our space and reconnect with the part of ourselves that’s connected with a certain room.

It could be our bedroom because we want to bring our love life alive;
It could be our hobby room because we want to bring our creativity alive;
It could be our storage room because we need to access things in it easily;
We might have an empty room that feels so uncomfortably empty that we want to fix that atmosphere and heal it;
It could be a room associated with the past that we want to bring its purpose into the present;
We might want to bring the room alive where our desk is because we want to achieve some private, quiet time there;
Our desk might be for our study or business and we want to kick start it and get into it…!

A really simple way of bringing the energy alive in ‘that’ room, without putting in any effort, is to just light a candle. Is that all? Yes. How does it help?

Fire in general brings attention to a space: it’s easy to look at; the light makes us look even if we don’t mean to; it brings an alive energy to a space, part of the reason why the kitchen is the center of activity in a house- because of the fire. Fire also clears old, negative energy. And you can do all this, just by lighting a candle.

If the room hasn’t been alive for some time, I suggest have a candle lit all day for many weeks. Obviously work my suggestion in with the logistics of what’s possible for you. If the room is a big problem room because there’s so much chaos or issues associated with it, do the same- a lit candle all day for weeks, months maybe.

Lighting a candle to bring the energy alive in a problem, lonely or disorganised room is a very simple, virtually effortless way of healing your space and healing yourself.

How To Cleanse Your House

From “The Healing Show” Series #05: How to Maintain a Spiritual Life

There are a few ways to energetically cleanse and heal your house and I’ll discuss one method here. You will need some incense, some candles and a pen and paper.

Why would you want to cleanse your house? Because you could be feeling stuck or negative and you want to let the past go. Cleansing your house is especially important to do if there has been any of the following circumstances in your life:

  • A death
  • Ill health
  • Conflict
  • Nightmares
  • You’ve left something, you’ve left a group, a relationship, job or course and you’re trying to move on.

For light and positive reasons, cleansing your house is wonderful to do at the beginning of new cycles, like New Year, your birthday, birth of a baby, a new job, new relationship or a new course is starting for you.

House cleansing is effectively a house healing and it’s important to do in general because every negative thought and feeling you’ve had in your house or those of other occupants or guests, will linger until it’s been deliberately cleared.

A house healing =WILL= invite new people, opportunities and creativity into your life. Who doesn’t want that! Here’s what you do: get your incense (it’s very important that it’s natural incense, not artificial) and light a stick in every room of the house.

If some rooms can’t be accessed, then light the incense at the entrance to the room. Along with the incense, light a candle (tea light candles are fine) and place it near the lit incense.

The incense stick will need to burn out, which takes about half an hour, so safety precautions are necessary as well as no children or animals going near the area.

While the incense is burning, read this affirmation that you’ve written down:

“This room, this house, this property is filled with light and happiness, love and success, peace and stability”.

Say the affirmation at least once in every room while the incense and candle are burning. You can say the affirmation ten times in every room if you like, you can say it fifty times 🙂 By repeating the affirmation aloud, you are bringing that energy into your space.

When the incense has burnt out, blow out the candle and open all the windows and doors. The incense and candle has burnt up the old energy, so we need a little fresh air to move the old ‘energetic dust’ out of your house.

Leave your house for a bit, come back and see how you feel… You might notice the change straight away, you might notice it the next day. In any case, you have succeeded at this method of healing your house.

Doing a house healing will attract new and improved people and circumstances into your life, as well as improved health and prosperity. Definitely worth doing in general, when you want to let go the past and welcome fresh, healthy experiences 😀

How To Maintain A Spiritual Life – Part 3

Series: How To Maintain A Spiritual Life

The Conflict Between Spirituality and Unconsciousness

Unconsciousness is generally experienced when you:
Hang out for; are dying to have; crave; have an urge for; must have before you continue with your day; your day doesn’t feel complete without; when you take the easy, default or ‘normal’ option of eating, drinking or substance choices; won’t think twice about buying; will deliberately travel for; the recipe doesn’t work if missing…

What is happening here is unconsciousness and it probably consists of at least one of the following:

  • Drinking caffeine;
  • Drinking alcohol;
  • Taking recreational drugs;
  • Taking pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Eating animals;
  • Eating (any) animal products; and
  • Smoking.

Unconsciousness will tell you that if you have anything on the unconscious list: a lot or a little, it’s ok.

Uncosnciousness will always tell you that unconscious habits are ok, even if occasional or under special circumstances.

The Conflict Between Spirituality and Unconsciousness

You can be a ‘generally spiritual’ person and engage in unconsciousness. You and I know people who are like this: they drink coffee, but they go to spiritual development courses; they smoke but they give or receive energetic healings: they eat meat but they read the Tarot or they seem to know what will happen before it happens but they take hash.

The ‘but’ doesn’t make the person bad, it just makes them unconscious. They still have a good heart 😉

To be truly spiritual, you can’t engage in unconsciousness, not even a little bit. Awareness and realizations are squashed, distorted, impeded and dismissed with unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is not awareness and awareness is a fundamental part of being spiritual, so unconsciousness and spirituality don’t go together.

Unconsciousness says do as I say, not do as I do and that’s ok.

Unconsciousness says I talk my walk, or I walk my talk sometimes or most of the time and that’s ok.

Unconsciousness does =not= say I walk my talk ALL the time, only FULL consciousness says that.

The straight and narrow is not a path that most people follow. It’s hard, it takes discipline, you need to maintain spiritual practices, you need support. Sure, I really do get it…

But to truly adopt a spiritual life…To take yourself out of the matrix:

  • To do personal growth work and address your emotional issues;
  • To maximise your connection with your higher self, spirit guides, the angels, the universe;
  • To act on guidance and intuition, then a-p-p-l-y it to your life and move forward in ways that nobody you know is doing, you need to be FULLY CONSCIOUS.

Congratulate yourself if you are already doing spiritual things, well done! But do challenge yourself to improve and to ultimately live a fully conscious life.

How To Maintain A Spiritual Life – Part 2

Series: Making A Spiritual Practice Stick – Part 2

“Smoking Blocks Your Crown Chakra!”

If you want to be spiritual and live a spiritual life, you can’t smoke, that’s the bottom line.
If you want to create spiritual practises, if you want to live a spiritual lifestyle, if you want to be disciplined with applying your spiritual beliefs to your life or just applying your spiritual beliefs properly, smoking will impede all that.
Yes there is a difference between people who chain smoke and people who smoke occasionally while at the same time, are interested in and try to live a spiritual life.
An occasional smoker isn’t driven by their senses in the same way that a regular or chain smoker is, they have more discipline. Yes you are ahead if you’re an occasional smoker because you’re driven by your senses less and are more disciplined if that is the case. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t mean that a smoke once a week with your friends is ok.
An occasional smoke is ok, because you have free will and everything is ok according to that model and if that applies to you, that’s fine, but if you’re going to live a spiritual life, you want your chakras to be open and smoking will shut them down for you.
Smoking, the act of enabling nicotine (and other chemicals) to enter your system, will shut down your crown chakra. Your crown chakra needs to be open if you’re going to =always = believe= in anything to do with spirituality including Tarot; Numerology; dreams; past lives; energetic healing; manifesting; spirits; angels; guides; fairies and crystals.
If you don’t believe in the metaphysical, but are –trying- to believe in it, then smoking won’t help you.
If you already consider yourself a ‘believer’ then smoking will keep a tiny part of you not believing; it will help you believe sometimes and not others; it will help you be lax with your spiritual beliefs and their applications.
One thing in particular that smoking does: it helps you feel like you’re like everybody else. And this feeling can be especially important to you if you’re feeling that living a spiritual life all the time is hard and you need a day off to be normal like other people.
Smoking affects all your chakras really, but having your crown chakra blocked means that the others below are also blocked: your third eye chakra, throat and heart chakra. You need from the heart to the crown charkas to be unblocked if you’re hoping to embrace your spiritual self and life therein.
If you want to be spiritual or more spiritual then you need to firstly –believe- by having your crown chakra open. You need:
Your third eye open if you’re going to learn from the messages that other beings and your dreams are trying to communicate to you;
  • Your throat chakra open so you can be more creative and expressive and travel along your true path;
  • Your heart chakra open through which ALL healing occurs.
  • You can’t properly experience these aforementioned processes if you smoke.

How To Maintain A Spiritual Life – Part 1

Today’s Topic: Making A Spiritual Practice Stick

How do you get good at a spiritual practice?

By d-o-i-n-g it! Do the thing every day: write your dreams down every day, do meditation, read tarot for yourself, draw up different numerology charts, use crystals in different settings, read yours or somebody else’s past life, orient your energy to feeling or seeing angels or fairies.

Reading books and studying is brilliant and very helpful and can guide you well, but you need to know the practice as being part of you, not by what you know mentally.

For eg. You haven’t just read what rose quartz means in a crystal book, you’ve noted 10 different experiences you’ve had with rose quartz and come to learn what it means in real-life experience, yours or somebody else’s.
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