MEDITATE – S07E03 – The Walking Sun Glancing Meditation.

How To Meditate At Home – Part 3

“The Walking Sun Glancing Meditation.”

You’ll really enjoy this walking sun meditation, which involves you taking tiny glances at the sun.

This meditation is best done early in the morning as the sun’s coming up, or within an hour or two of the sun rising, or late in the afternoon, evening as the sun’s going down. You can do this meditation at other times as well, but it’s harder to look at the sun for longer than a split second because it’s a little strong.

Try to relax, I’m not suggesting you keep staring at the sun till you do damage to your eyes. Besides, there are only very specific conditions under which you will achieve damage to your eyes by looking at the sun and almost all of us, won’t be under those conditions at any time soon and definitely not during this meditation.

I suggest taking a glance at the sun for a second or two or three, intermittently while you walk. Let your walk be at least 10 minutes, maybe longer if you can manage it. Walk for a minute, then take a few seconds to glance at the sun, walk for another minute and glance at the sun for a bit, and so on. No need for clocks or exact times here, just roughly. You want to relax while you’re doing this walking sun glancing meditation.

As you’re looking at the sun for a few seconds, feel it fill you up. Feel your soul and your spirit light up. Feel yourself heal. Imagine that you are the sun or the sun is within you and that you are lighting up as brightly as the sun is shining. Don’t underestimate the power of this meditation.

You may have heard from articles and documentaries or somebody you know, some people get a little depressed if they’re not getting enough sun if it’s wintertime or they’re living in a country that is dark more often during the year. This is because the sun’s rays heal, light heals, vitamin D is important.

Sunlight doesn’t just give you vitamin D, it stimulates the pituitary gland and it heals other glands and energy centres (chakras) in your body. Why is this important?

Your glands and chakras are linked to your body and your emotions. If you’re feeling physically unwell or if you’re feeling negative or down, the walking sun glancing meditation will over time, heal you physically and emotionally a little bit more, every time you do it. This walking meditation will help you feel positive, uplifted, increase self-esteem and it will have a positive effect on the health of your body.

It’s quite difficult to feel sad or stuck in yourself when you glance at the sun and allow its energy to fill you up and affect you. I believe you will come to love this walking sun glancing meditation. I can see you right now, leaping out of bed in the morning or rushing home from somewhere in the evening, because you can’t wait to do it!