MEDITATE – S07E04 – I Am

The “Being Happier” Podcast

Today’s Topic: How To Meditate At Home – Part 4

How To Meditate At Home Part 4:

“I Am”

The first 35 seconds of this recording will help you find where you’re at in this series. If you are already familiar with the How To Meditate At Home series, you can start listening at 35 seconds.

(So far there are four recordings including this one, under the subject heading “How To Meditate At Home”. I refer to part 1 and 2 of the series, not part 3 of the series which was about a different topic. In this messsage, part 4, I draw on the instructions I discussed for this meditation in part 1 to do with breathing and part 2 to do with a focus on your heart.)

Now, to add the last component of this meditation procedure, repeating the words “I Am” in your mind over and over.

The words “I Am” hold power for your soul unlike other words, because the repeat of them gets you in touch with your essential you, without conditioning from your family, culture, society and the time you were born into. There is an enormous amount of restrictions and impressions your soul experiences through conditioning, but saying the words I Am, slowly removes you from that.

To recap, deliberate breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth, gets you in touch with your body and is generally essential for any kind of meditation. The heart space focus is to get you out of your head where all the worries and racey thoughts are. It’s much more difficult to give energy to your thoughts when you focus on your heart. And lastly, the repeat of the words “I Am” to help get you connected to the truth and power and purity of your soul which is all light and love.

The more you do this breathing, heart focus, I Am meditation, the more everything will work for you across the board, with your health, relationships, friendships, success and more. You will come to align yourself with the best the world has to offer you, the best wishes your loved ones have always had for you, the aspirations and desires you’ve always had for yourself, the ultimate life with all you could possibly want that your spirit guides, angels and the universe want for you. This meditation will connect you with that.

This meditation will help you believe that your life can work for you. When you think about achieving something but don’t believe it’s possible or you can’t think your way through how it will ever manifest and you might give up on the idea, this meditation can reinstate your faith in you and your faith that life can work for you, or that life can work for you -again-. You will feel like you ‘can’ rather than feel like you can’t.

At the least, you will increase the possibility of finding the path you’re meant to be on in this life if you don’t know already. Potentially, you will find your path in this life through this meditation, because of how it connects you with the essence of you.

This meditation WILL help you heal your sleep problems.

Try this meditation every day for a minute, then increase it slowly over time to 3 minutes, then 5, then 10 perhaps up to 20 minutes per day, whatever you can manage. But do a little every day. The more regularly you do this meditation, the longer in duration you do it for, the better your life will be everywhere with everything. You’ll enjoy it and never look back. I will discuss more about the I Am meditation in future podcasts, so stay tuned.