MEDITATE – Crystals, Meditation and Increased Awareness.

Series: How To Meditate At Home

Crystals, Meditation and Increased Awareness.

The purpose behind the I Am, heart focus, breathing meditation is to increase your awareness. What does it mean to increase your awareness?

If you’re going to change anything in your life, you need to first become aware of it. Therefore: awareness is needed for anything to change. This meditation helps you increase your awareness of:

  • Your behaviour;
  • Others behaviour;
  • Your thoughts and why you’re thinking them;
  • What you’re doing with your time and energy, with whom and how it benefits you or not;
  • Unresolved emotional and physical issues and the list goes on.

Adding the use of a crystal to your meditation increases your awareness without you having to do anything. How ace is that! It’s like receiving a gift, you don’t have to work for it.

Hold your crystal (gem stone, precious stone) at your heart while you focus on the three components of the meditation.

The crystal isn’t a part of the meditation procedure as such, but it intensifies the work you’re doing on yourself and increases your progress with your healing. In those terms, the use of a crystal for your meditation is essential and a bonus.

Hold the crystal at your heart because your heart is where you’re holding your focus as part of the meditation.

Why are you focusing on your heart? Inside your heart chakra, is where you hold all unresolved emotional issues, resentments and secrets. The meditation is clearing away that stuff.

When you use a crystal as part of your meditation, you’re speeding up the stuff that is being cleared from your heart and you can clear your issues to a deeper level, it’s fantastic really.

You can have visions while you’re doing this meditation and you can have visions of the crystal you’re using during your meditation and they can be very enlightening and comforting visions. But whether you have visions or not, =know= that the healing energy of the crystal will heal your heart well after you’ve finished your meditation.

It’s just a beautiful thing to do: finding the meditation crystal of your choice for a given meditation session and holding it at your heart while you’re doing your meditation. You can select a new crystal every time you do your meditation. Holding your crystal can help you feel spiritual, even if you’ve forgotten that you are.

Crystals elevate your awareness without you having to work for it, that’s just gold right there! Doing your meditation, means you’re working on your awareness. Why not have additional help in the many beautiful forms it comes in.

how to meditate with crystals