Crystal At Your Heart

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: How to Meditate at Home

This message leads on from part 4 in this series on meditation.

Part 4 explains the words I Am and adding those to the meditation, along with a focus on your heart and breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. Those three parts is basically how to do this meditation.

If you want to add extra healing energy to it, without ‘doing’ anything extra, get a crystal or gem stone. Hold the crystal at your heart or hang it on a pendant.The color and peace and healing power of the crystal will penetrate your heart center and help remove negative energy stored there.

Crystals lend extra awareness, like being illuminated. You can’t work on a problem if you don’t know there is one, so a crystal will help you realize what you need to work on in yourself.

You can find crystals in crystal shops or spiritual-type gift shops. They’re often stored in little compartments and there’s usually a huge array of different types. They’re a cherry-sized tumbled stone and normally cost between $1 and $10 (Australian).

There is, of course, the option of using the jewellery that you already have, in which a gem stone is set. If you have nothing else, sure, you can use a jewellery item that has a gem stone set in it.The size of gems in jewellery tend to be quite small, generally less than the size of your fingernail, hence why I suggest you get a decent sized gem stone for your meditation.

Another reason why I mention to get a separate crystal for your meditation, is because jewellery tends to have emotional and occasion attachments. Those attachments can sometimes get in the way of the crystal doing its healing job for you.

The colors I recommend that you aim for, when buying your crystal or choosing it from your own collection, are green, blue, purple or clear. Green and blue work best as they are closest to your heart center. Purple and clear will work well too, although they stimulate the awareness that is associated with the upper chakras. That’s fine too and they’re still good colors.

Examples of crystals for each of the colors:

  • Green- malachite, chrysoprase;
  • Blue- azurite, lapis;
  • Purple- amethyst, lepidolite;
  • Clear- apophylite, calcite.

The more regularly you do meditation the better, the longer you do it for the better. Time can feel like a sacrifice and you might find it too impossible to implement meditation into your day if you’re not used to it. When you get into a zone and get into the practice, you’ll enjoy it.

In future recordings, I’ll talk about what might come up for you during the meditation as well as a long list of brilliant benefits from this meditation. Well done if you’re doing any meditation at all 🙂

Some Is Always Better Than None

From “The Healing Show” Series #07: How To Meditate At Home

If you’re like me, you want to do things properly and devote a proper amount of time to things, which includes time to do meditation.

I like to do 30 mins of meditation daily but there is the odd occasion where I can’t put that much time aside. I think of doing it for a few minutes on those crazy days, then stop myself because I feel haphazard about the whole thing and it doesn’t get done.

Whether you’re a regular meditator or you’re new to it, meditation is worth doing for however many minutes you’ve got, wherever you are.

You might only be able to do a couple minutes a day. You might manage to do one minute on the hour, every hour. You might aim to do 30 mins a day but some days feel too impossible for that, but right now, you’ve got 10 mins or 3 mins for it… but you don’t do it because it feels like that short length of time is silly or won’t make any difference anyway.

You don’t need to have all your special meditating things all the time before you can let yourself do meditation. You don’t need to stick to a certain amount of time before you can let yourself do it. The main thing is that you do it, for however long, wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got.

Meditation will help you with everything, with every person, with every situation: hear I Am in your mind, breathe slowly and deeply and focus on your heart (with your crystal). It will improve every area of your life: your work, relationship, creativity, the order in your house, eating habits, exercise, driving and much more. Doing any amount of meditation is always worth it and will always pay off.

Walk, Breathe, Meditate

From “The Healing Show” Series #:

Some of us, however new or ‘old’ we are to meditation, don’t breathe properly or we forget to breathe while meditating. Some of us really don’t like meditating because it can mean having to be still in one spot.

The I Am, Breathing, Heart focus, Crystal meditation can be combined with a walk to especially help you breathe properly and get the most out of your meditation session.

Your heart chakra stores negative energy. Negative energy makes you sick, stressed and creates problems for your life. This meditation clears your heart chakra. Your heart chakra can be cleared even more with deliberate and constant breathing, which is more likely to happen while walking.

MEDITATE – Crystals, Meditation and Increased Awareness.

Series: How To Meditate At Home

Crystals, Meditation and Increased Awareness.

The purpose behind the I Am, heart focus, breathing meditation is to increase your awareness. What does it mean to increase your awareness?

If you’re going to change anything in your life, you need to first become aware of it. Therefore: awareness is needed for anything to change. This meditation helps you increase your awareness of:

  • Your behaviour;
  • Others behaviour;
  • Your thoughts and why you’re thinking them;
  • What you’re doing with your time and energy, with whom and how it benefits you or not;
  • Unresolved emotional and physical issues and the list goes on.

Adding the use of a crystal to your meditation increases your awareness without you having to do anything. How ace is that! It’s like receiving a gift, you don’t have to work for it.

Hold your crystal (gem stone, precious stone) at your heart while you focus on the three components of the meditation.

The crystal isn’t a part of the meditation procedure as such, but it intensifies the work you’re doing on yourself and increases your progress with your healing. In those terms, the use of a crystal for your meditation is essential and a bonus.

Hold the crystal at your heart because your heart is where you’re holding your focus as part of the meditation.

Why are you focusing on your heart? Inside your heart chakra, is where you hold all unresolved emotional issues, resentments and secrets. The meditation is clearing away that stuff.

When you use a crystal as part of your meditation, you’re speeding up the stuff that is being cleared from your heart and you can clear your issues to a deeper level, it’s fantastic really.

You can have visions while you’re doing this meditation and you can have visions of the crystal you’re using during your meditation and they can be very enlightening and comforting visions. But whether you have visions or not, =know= that the healing energy of the crystal will heal your heart well after you’ve finished your meditation.

It’s just a beautiful thing to do: finding the meditation crystal of your choice for a given meditation session and holding it at your heart while you’re doing your meditation. You can select a new crystal every time you do your meditation. Holding your crystal can help you feel spiritual, even if you’ve forgotten that you are.

Crystals elevate your awareness without you having to work for it, that’s just gold right there! Doing your meditation, means you’re working on your awareness. Why not have additional help in the many beautiful forms it comes in.

how to meditate with crystals

MEDITATE – “I Am” Mediation With Tarot And Crystals.

Series: How To Meditate At Home – Part 5

“I Am” Mediation With Tarot And Crystals.

You will need two things for this meditation: your crystals and your tarot cards. Whenever I refer to tarot cards, I’m always referring to the Rider Waite deck. If you don’t have the Rider Waite deck on hand, then whatever Tarot deck you have available.

Go through the deck and find tarot cards that represent how you want to feel and think and be more often, cards that reflect your improvement within yourself.

Some suggestions are:

  • The High Priestess #2: if you want to improve your intuition;
  • The Emperor #4: if you want to bring order and structure into your life;
  • The Death card #13: if you want to bring about change and allow yourself to be vulnerable;
  • The Hermit #9: if you want a closer connection with your higher self and spirit guides;
  • Any or all of the Ace cards: Ace of Pentacles; Ace of Cups; Ace of Wands and Ace of Swords.

The Major Arcana cards (some are numbered above) are given a name and do not belong to a suit (like pentacles or swords). They are the stronger, more potent cards from the deck, so select a few from that group as well as any others you’re drawn to.

The Ace cards represent new, lively beginnings to do with powerful love, healing, opportunities, inner development and blessed energy, so they’re always great to include in this exercise.

If you know about the Tarot, then you’re more likely to select cards that you need from the pack quicker and more confidently.

If you don’t know about the Tarot, don’t worry, look at the images on the cards and based on what you feel from the pictures, choose the cards that demonstrate what you want to bring into your life.

Now find your crystal or crystals. You can use any or all of your crystals and you can select as many Tarot cards as you like. To help with speed and accuracy, I suggest a maximum of ten cards and ten crystals.

You’ll need some kind of surface: the floor, the bed or a table on which to place your crystals and the cards amidst them. Assemble the cards and crystals in front of you. You might want particular cards and crystals nearer to you; you might want particular cards with particular crystals.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a period between 5 and 20 minutes, you decide how long your meditation will be. Turn the phones off. Begin your breathing, heart focus, I Am meditation (described in How To Meditate At Home part 1, 2 and 4).

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Have your attention and focus at your heart space. At the same time as the breathing and the heart focus, hear the words “I Am” silently in your mind, over and over.

The energy from the crystals will help to increase you awareness and with increased awareness, change and healing happens. The images on the Tarot cards will stimulate your psyche and trigger the emotions, intuitions and guidance within you to heal you as well.

The crystals and the Tarot cards are a lovely addition to your the breathing, heart focus, I Am meditation and can lend a supportive, comforting energy to the process.

MEDITATE – S07E04 – I Am

The “Being Happier” Podcast

Today’s Topic: How To Meditate At Home – Part 4

How To Meditate At Home Part 4:

“I Am”

The first 35 seconds of this recording will help you find where you’re at in this series. If you are already familiar with the How To Meditate At Home series, you can start listening at 35 seconds.

(So far there are four recordings including this one, under the subject heading “How To Meditate At Home”. I refer to part 1 and 2 of the series, not part 3 of the series which was about a different topic. In this messsage, part 4, I draw on the instructions I discussed for this meditation in part 1 to do with breathing and part 2 to do with a focus on your heart.)

Now, to add the last component of this meditation procedure, repeating the words “I Am” in your mind over and over.

The words “I Am” hold power for your soul unlike other words, because the repeat of them gets you in touch with your essential you, without conditioning from your family, culture, society and the time you were born into. There is an enormous amount of restrictions and impressions your soul experiences through conditioning, but saying the words I Am, slowly removes you from that.

To recap, deliberate breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth, gets you in touch with your body and is generally essential for any kind of meditation. The heart space focus is to get you out of your head where all the worries and racey thoughts are. It’s much more difficult to give energy to your thoughts when you focus on your heart. And lastly, the repeat of the words “I Am” to help get you connected to the truth and power and purity of your soul which is all light and love.

The more you do this breathing, heart focus, I Am meditation, the more everything will work for you across the board, with your health, relationships, friendships, success and more. You will come to align yourself with the best the world has to offer you, the best wishes your loved ones have always had for you, the aspirations and desires you’ve always had for yourself, the ultimate life with all you could possibly want that your spirit guides, angels and the universe want for you. This meditation will connect you with that.

This meditation will help you believe that your life can work for you. When you think about achieving something but don’t believe it’s possible or you can’t think your way through how it will ever manifest and you might give up on the idea, this meditation can reinstate your faith in you and your faith that life can work for you, or that life can work for you -again-. You will feel like you ‘can’ rather than feel like you can’t.

At the least, you will increase the possibility of finding the path you’re meant to be on in this life if you don’t know already. Potentially, you will find your path in this life through this meditation, because of how it connects you with the essence of you.

This meditation WILL help you heal your sleep problems.

Try this meditation every day for a minute, then increase it slowly over time to 3 minutes, then 5, then 10 perhaps up to 20 minutes per day, whatever you can manage. But do a little every day. The more regularly you do this meditation, the longer in duration you do it for, the better your life will be everywhere with everything. You’ll enjoy it and never look back. I will discuss more about the I Am meditation in future podcasts, so stay tuned.

MEDITATE – S07E03 – The Walking Sun Glancing Meditation.

How To Meditate At Home – Part 3

“The Walking Sun Glancing Meditation.”

You’ll really enjoy this walking sun meditation, which involves you taking tiny glances at the sun.

This meditation is best done early in the morning as the sun’s coming up, or within an hour or two of the sun rising, or late in the afternoon, evening as the sun’s going down. You can do this meditation at other times as well, but it’s harder to look at the sun for longer than a split second because it’s a little strong.

Try to relax, I’m not suggesting you keep staring at the sun till you do damage to your eyes. Besides, there are only very specific conditions under which you will achieve damage to your eyes by looking at the sun and almost all of us, won’t be under those conditions at any time soon and definitely not during this meditation.

I suggest taking a glance at the sun for a second or two or three, intermittently while you walk. Let your walk be at least 10 minutes, maybe longer if you can manage it. Walk for a minute, then take a few seconds to glance at the sun, walk for another minute and glance at the sun for a bit, and so on. No need for clocks or exact times here, just roughly. You want to relax while you’re doing this walking sun glancing meditation.

As you’re looking at the sun for a few seconds, feel it fill you up. Feel your soul and your spirit light up. Feel yourself heal. Imagine that you are the sun or the sun is within you and that you are lighting up as brightly as the sun is shining. Don’t underestimate the power of this meditation.

You may have heard from articles and documentaries or somebody you know, some people get a little depressed if they’re not getting enough sun if it’s wintertime or they’re living in a country that is dark more often during the year. This is because the sun’s rays heal, light heals, vitamin D is important.

Sunlight doesn’t just give you vitamin D, it stimulates the pituitary gland and it heals other glands and energy centres (chakras) in your body. Why is this important?

Your glands and chakras are linked to your body and your emotions. If you’re feeling physically unwell or if you’re feeling negative or down, the walking sun glancing meditation will over time, heal you physically and emotionally a little bit more, every time you do it. This walking meditation will help you feel positive, uplifted, increase self-esteem and it will have a positive effect on the health of your body.

It’s quite difficult to feel sad or stuck in yourself when you glance at the sun and allow its energy to fill you up and affect you. I believe you will come to love this walking sun glancing meditation. I can see you right now, leaping out of bed in the morning or rushing home from somewhere in the evening, because you can’t wait to do it!

MEDITATE – S07E02 – Focus On Your Heart

Today’s Topic: How To Meditate At Home – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of How to Meditate at Home. This recording directly leads from part 1.

Part 1, I focused on your breathing as a form of meditation by itself, stomach breathing: as you inhale your stomach inflates, as you exhale your stomach deflates. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Now adding this second part which is a focus on your heart to do at the same time as your breathing.

Focusing on your heart space helps you achieve being in the moment, feeling in today not yesterday, not in tomorrow, it helps you feel at peace and centred. This is possible -because- you’re not in your head.

Your head is where all the problems are and this meditation exercise will help you turn your brain off. Moving your attention from your head to your heart will help turn your brain off quicker and easier over time spent on this meditation.

Meditation will reduce your general anxieties, stress and worry. It can also directly and positively affect specific stress. See what you notice.

The bottom end of your sternum, is where I’m suggesting for you to focus on your heart, not the top of your sternum near the collar bone, the other end more so.

Breathing and heart focus, for this part 2 of 3 meditation. Your sleep problems will improve!

Try meditating 1 or 3 minutes per day, whatever amount you can keep up. Maybe making time for your meditation 5 to 10 minutes a day is possible. Perhaps one day you want to work up to 20 or 30 minutes, but it’s not a race. Only meditate as long as you want to, to begin with. You have to want to do it. There’s no strain or force required.

It’s more the regularity of meditating that will work best for you, rather than the length of time you’re doing it for.

Help yourself feel at peace in general or in specific situations, by meditating. Heal your sleep. Back with part 3 soon.

MEDITATE – S07E01 – Basic Breathing for Meditation

Today’s Topic: How To Meditate At Home – Part 1

Meditation: Breathing

Implement meditation into your day, just for a minute. That’s the main point of my message today. That’s it, just one minute of meditation a day.

There happens to be three parts to this meditation, and the other two will be in future podcasts on this topic. But for the moment, start with part one, breathing. Not just any ol’ breathing, breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Slow and deep breaths.

Breathe from your stomach: as you breathe in, your stomach inflates, as you breathe out, your stomach deflates. No shallow breathing and no chest breathing, we don’t want you getting lightheaded.

Thoughts will come into your head as you breathe, all fine, but get back to focusing on breathing. Time the minute you’re going to breathe for, on your mobile perhaps. Or better yet, incorporate it with something else that only takes a few minutes: sitting on the loo, waiting for the kettle to boil, on transport between suburbs.

Now if I said to do this meditation every day, for the rest of your life, while it will be one of the best things you could ever do for yourself, you won’t necessarily be able to keep it up for more than a few days straight, initially. You generally won’t remember to incorporate meditation as part of your day cause you’re not used to it. Or maybe you’re very good at keeping up a discipline… we’ll see.

You don’t need a special cloak or charm and the planets don’t need to line up in a sacred ceremony, for you to do meditation. Keep it real and keep it regular, quick (to start off with) and simple. One minute of this breathing per day.