How To Maintain A Spiritual Life – Part 2

Series: Making A Spiritual Practice Stick – Part 2

“Smoking Blocks Your Crown Chakra!”

If you want to be spiritual and live a spiritual life, you can’t smoke, that’s the bottom line.
If you want to create spiritual practises, if you want to live a spiritual lifestyle, if you want to be disciplined with applying your spiritual beliefs to your life or just applying your spiritual beliefs properly, smoking will impede all that.
Yes there is a difference between people who chain smoke and people who smoke occasionally while at the same time, are interested in and try to live a spiritual life.
An occasional smoker isn’t driven by their senses in the same way that a regular or chain smoker is, they have more discipline. Yes you are ahead if you’re an occasional smoker because you’re driven by your senses less and are more disciplined if that is the case. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t mean that a smoke once a week with your friends is ok.
An occasional smoke is ok, because you have free will and everything is ok according to that model and if that applies to you, that’s fine, but if you’re going to live a spiritual life, you want your chakras to be open and smoking will shut them down for you.
Smoking, the act of enabling nicotine (and other chemicals) to enter your system, will shut down your crown chakra. Your crown chakra needs to be open if you’re going to =always = believe= in anything to do with spirituality including Tarot; Numerology; dreams; past lives; energetic healing; manifesting; spirits; angels; guides; fairies and crystals.
If you don’t believe in the metaphysical, but are –trying- to believe in it, then smoking won’t help you.
If you already consider yourself a ‘believer’ then smoking will keep a tiny part of you not believing; it will help you believe sometimes and not others; it will help you be lax with your spiritual beliefs and their applications.
One thing in particular that smoking does: it helps you feel like you’re like everybody else. And this feeling can be especially important to you if you’re feeling that living a spiritual life all the time is hard and you need a day off to be normal like other people.
Smoking affects all your chakras really, but having your crown chakra blocked means that the others below are also blocked: your third eye chakra, throat and heart chakra. You need from the heart to the crown charkas to be unblocked if you’re hoping to embrace your spiritual self and life therein.
If you want to be spiritual or more spiritual then you need to firstly –believe- by having your crown chakra open. You need:
Your third eye open if you’re going to learn from the messages that other beings and your dreams are trying to communicate to you;
  • Your throat chakra open so you can be more creative and expressive and travel along your true path;
  • Your heart chakra open through which ALL healing occurs.
  • You can’t properly experience these aforementioned processes if you smoke.