Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 2

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 2

In the spirit of keeping manifesting quick and easy, this suggestion will really help you and is powerful as well: continually think about your goals.

This is not meant to be a task and it doesn’t need to be something you get serious about, just keep your mind on your goals, often, just for a few seconds in a minute.

I’m not saying it has to be a few seconds every single minute, “full on how will I keep that up” you’re wondering, but just to let your mind stray there… It’s just like thinking about a concert you want to go to… you feel enthused… you wonder who you’ll go with… you consider clothes options… it’s just a few seconds a minute or a few minutes an hour that your mind will stray to thinking about the concert.

Like going to a concert, your goals should feel like something you want to think about. None of this is meant to feel forced or like a drag. What are your goals to do with: social, career, creative, health, relationships?

Think back to examples of things you’ve achieved and things that have come to you in the past… inevitably you had thought about them and desired them… Same here in this message.

The power is in the present moment, so it’s important to feel you want the thing that’s important to you, right now. But even if it feels like “I really want ‘x’ one day” it’s still a want, it’s still a desire.

Your want and desire energy will fill up your being, it will seep into the space around you and attract people and situations that match up with your thoughts.

I quote an old story about the tortoise and the hare. The hare is full of energy so it should win the race compared to the slow tortoise, but it’s a little bit regularly that yields results. The tortoise wins.

Do a little tiny bit of desiring or thinking about your goals, for a few seconds over a few minutes, think about your goals for a minute an hour. Not timing it, just roughly. Keep thinking about it, for a little bit, regularly and you’ll get results!