Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 3

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 3

“State How Much You Desire To Earn!”

Today’s recording is about using affirmations to start changing your energy, so you can align yourself with the amount you prefer to earn in your job or business.

Most people want to earn more than they’re earning now but most people also don’t know how that can start happening for them.

The amount you are earning now, is a belief in your being and mind about how much you feel is possible to earn. Like most beliefs, they’re drilled into you by conditioning from parents, culture and society, but you can =change= your beliefs!

How do you change your belief about how much you can earn? One way is through constant repetition of a new statement. Sound too simple? It works though and is very powerful… Just think back to the negative things you may have been told as a child. You came to believe it because of how many thousands of times it was said to you. But now, let’s make the statement really positive and use it to repeat over and over to yourself.

You can change the amount you want, but for argument’s sake I’ve used the amount of $2000 as what you want to earn each week.

This is the affirmation you repeat, aloud preferably and the more times per day, the better:

“I earn $2000 every week”.

That’s it.

The more you say affirming statements, the more you come to believe them. The more you come to believe something, the more you will attract the people and situations that will bring you what you want.

Being Happier doesn’t mean being financially wealthier, but being wealthier can increase opportunities for happiness for ourselves and others. So why not want more 😀 State what you want.