Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 4

The “Being Happier” Podcast

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 4


“The Money You’re Waiting On Is Already Yours.”

This message applies to you more if you are waiting on money to return to you, from being owed by somebody or being owed by the system. Or perhaps you know somebody who is waiting on money that is rightfully theirs and you want to help that person with this message.

If you are waiting on money to be paid to you, it can be a very frustrating, outrageous and a generally angry experience. Inevitably, you would have already done the hard yards to be paid that money in the first place, now it seems with your efforts to try to get it back, you’re working for it again! “Why do I have to do this! It’s so unfair and my life feels held up!”.

Unfortunately, getting angry at the lack of money, doesn’t actually help it to return to you. Getting angry can make you feel better for a time: better out than in, but energetically anger isn’t helping you.

It’s pretty hard to calm down about this matter if you’re in the thick of it, but I suggest you’ve gotta make yourself and you’ve gotta buy into it. You need to calm down about money not being in your account yet because the angry feelings you have are energetically pushing the money away.

In the act of getting angry at the lack of money at the moment, you are creating more of that scenario because you’re putting so much energy and belief into it. It may not feel like you’re doubting your money returning to you, but that is the message that’s going out to the universe by getting so angry about it.

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be angry and I’m not suggesting you sit back and do nothing, sure, things can be done to secure it’s return, but help yourself by not focusing on the lack of it or that it’s missing.

The frustration and anger and focus on the lack of money, all has to be abandoned. Completely abandoned. You must fully disassociate yourself from these feelings at your core, otherwise this manifesting process isn’t going to work.

And you’ve gotta disassociate yourself from the appearance of things as fact: it looks like all the facts say that you won’t get your money or if you do, it’ll take forever. Don’t concern yourself with the apparent facts. Just keep feeling the feelings of the money being yours.

The universe fulfills your beliefs. If you believe your money isn’t coming back, the universe will give you that, if you believe the opposite, the universe will give you that. Even that wording just now “money coming back” assumes an energy that your life is held up, that you don’t have it, it’s not yours or it’s not there… You need to get the opposite of those feelings into your being, such as:

Feel like your life is moving along nicely and easily with all the money you need… Feel the money is in your account now… Feel how happy you are that it’s there… Feel relieved… Feel celebratory cause now you’re going to buy x or y for yourself or others because you can…

Get the celebratory feelings into you. It may feel fake or fantastical that you’re trying to conjure a feeling of celebrating your finances, but it’s ok if you don’t believe it just now. Try to make yourself believe it, do your best, you’ll get better at it over time.

Find the feeling from the past, of money returning to you or find the feeling from the past where you were so happy about your financial situation. Recall the feeling… get in touch with it… breathe it into you… then copy and paste it into this current situation of your waiting on money.

Remove the “waiting” feeling and feel like the money is yours, you’ve got it, feel the feelings of that as a reality…!

If you truly and deeply believe that the money is yours, this manifesting process will work better for you. But you have to let the desperation go and you’ve got to let the anxiety about it, go… woosh… off it goes… The anxiety about the money owed to you will reinforce the energy and the result that you don’t want. Help yourself with the correct mindset and the correct feelings.

This process will work quicker for you, the quicker you can let go of the anger and more deeply you can adopt the feelings of relief and celebration of the money being yours already.