Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 6

Series: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 6

This message was recorded and posted on the day of the solar eclipse in Australia, so know that when you listen to or read this message, there is a lot of healing that comes with it, to do with:
Living the life you’ve always wanted;
Being super creative and manifesting that creativity like you’ve always dreamed about doing;
Being with the same people or living or working in the same place BUT in a whole n=e=w way;
With -new- people and living and working in a n-e-w place just like you’ve always wanted.

In order to manifest and k-e-e-p manifesting the life you’ve always wanted, you need to feel you are deserving and worthy of the things and people and circumstances that you want.

To keep your manifesting powers going, rather than have good things occurring every now and then, you need to FEEL the feelings of being worthy and deserving. This isn’t an easy feeling to access. How do you f-e-e-l worthy…?

One example is the worthy and deserving feeling that you have when you’ve been waiting for service in a busy cafe and by the time you do get served, you’re feeling very ‘worthy’ and ‘deserving’ about it. This example is a good place to start in terms of helping yourself remember what feeling worthy feels like.

However, it is interesting that you can feel ‘more’ worthy and deserving -when- you have been through a hard time, struggle or trauma. You’ve heard yourself say this haven’t you: “I deserve to experience x, y or z because I’ve been through so much crap that it’s time for me now”.

You can accidentally link feeling worthy and deserving with chaos in some form. I know at first this doesn’t make sense but you may remember happy times that were stopped, delayed or interrupted by something chaotic.

It can feel like in those moments when good times have come to a halt, that they weren’t meant to happen: the day didn’t keep flowing beautifully the way it began, so it wasn’t meant to; you felt in the zone but then something happened at work; you felt peaceful and happy but then you got a phone call.

It can feel like you’re not meant to be happy because the flow doesn’t continue, the success, peace, stability and happiness stops and you now have to attend to the chaotic person or situation that demands your attention. The extremely important thing here is, NOT to fall for the seeming chaos as though it’s a sign that you can’t have what you want.

You attracted the chaos because you’re NOT USED TO things going well for you. You’re not used to things going well for you for any length of time, because that hasn’t been your childhood experience.

Most of us have had dysfunctional families with aspects of our childhood or most of it being about chaos or trauma. When we’re adults, we want to create great stuff for ourselves but we feel we can’t enjoy it because there must be something crappy to go with it, just like what happened when we were kids.

It’s a pretty hard thing and an extremely significant achievement to break through the conditioning from childhood that says that you can’t have a great thing without something crappy to go with it. But when you do, and you c=a=n do this: when you realise that you can have what you want WITHOUT something unpleasant to go with it, you can have one beautiful day after the next, just like you perceive the rich and famous as having.

The rich and famous are people just like you… what’s so different about them… why can’t you have what another person has…? You can! You can have the peace, success, stability and happiness day after day and that can be the norm for you. You can make it your new bar, the new standard: life is always good for me and it just gets better.

If you can let yourself OWN a good life, let yourself feel that good things ARE yours and a flowing life is YOUR life, you can HAVE it and it BELONGS to you, then you can keep being on a roll of good things happening for you! You can increase the level of peace, stability, happiness and success that you’ve had in the past w-i-t-h-o-u-t feeling that something must stop or disrupt it.

You’re worthy of good things, as you are, by yourself, without ‘crappiness’ being a part of it. The more you can feel worthy of good things by themselves (without the rubbish from people and circumstances that have gone with it in the past), you’ll be able to manifest what you want as a continuous thing as the n…e…w n…o…r…m.